12 exercises to help get your employee engagement programme in shape for 2019

Lisette Nicholson
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The start of a new year is synonymous with well-meant resolutions, diets and fitness regimes. We’re never ones to miss out on the opportunity to ride a theme, so we asked employee engagement specialist Lisette Nicholson to share her thoughts on what we all should be doing to maintain a fit and healthy engagement programme this year.

Get strategic – Is your employee survey an integral part of your business or people strategy and does it give you the insights you need to improve your business?

Get some goals – Are you happy that your survey is delivering the outcomes that you want? Is it time to get specific with some new goals or objectives for the new year?

Get buy In  – Are your senior team playing a full and active part in your employee engagement activities?  Could they be more visible?

Get focused – What are the key challenges for your business in the new year – how can this influence your question strategy?

Get ahead – Are you asking questions that look in the rear-view mirror or are you asking future focused questions with built in actions or goals?

Get participating – Have your participation rates reduced? Can you energise your survey by running some new year campaigns or incentives?

Get tooled up – Do your managers have the skills to interpret what your surveys are saying and to work with teams effectively to generate actions?

Get inclusive – Are there opportunities to have user generated content and questions in your survey?  Are you asking the questions employees want to answer?

Get busy – Have you got the balance right – is action more important than analysis?

Get measuring – Is engagement one of your key performance indicators, do you hold managers to account for the levels of engagement or participation rates in their teams?

Get the value – Do you understand the value of employee engagement for your business?

Get cultured – Are you building a culture of engagement, is engagement and inclusion the way that things are done in your business?


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