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#TeamHive are growing like wildfire! But as we gather pace, we’re making sure to take time out to acknowledge our newest recruits and to find out what attracted them to Hive in the first place because, well, employee recognition and feedback are important! 🙌

This week, I sat down for a quick-fire round of questions with Hive’s five latest additions and here’s what I uncovered:

1.What’s one of your proudest professional moments?

“Before joining Hive, I worked in linguistics. My passions changed over time and I began craving a new challenge. Feeling quite far along in my professional career already, it was scary to set out in an entirely new industry—computer science.

But changing careers the way I’ve now done has been one of my proudest professional moments. I’m learning something new and realising I am capable of more than I had once imagined. I’m using my new skills for the common good at an organisation that’s building cutting-edge technology. I know I’ll highlight working at Hive as something I’m proud of for years to come.”

Malgosia Krzek, Software Engineer 👩‍💻

2.It’s a job seeker’s market! So tell us—what set Hive apart from other opportunities?

“Hands-down, Hive’s culture. Needing to relocate to Newcastle from London, I knew taking a role with Hive would be something of a gamble. After my first interview, however, I could immediately tell that this business was different. I could already picture myself here for the long-haul.

It was clear that my experience as an employee would be valued as much as my output as an employee would be—I was promised a lot of autonomy over my work, and that expectation has been lived up to among so many others.

What makes the culture here so standout is the shared focus on progress over process. We’re all equal stakeholders regardless of our titles so there’s no excessive chain of command.

We work quite creatively and use the AGILE method, so there’s a great balance between structure and freedom to try new solutions. I have to say—being able to genuinely look forward to coming into work in the morning is better than any range of corporate perks.”

– Nelson Omoragbon, Software Engineer 👨‍💻

3.What three words would you use to describe the working environment and people at Hive?

In all our conversations on what it’s like to work at Hive, what qualities stand out in our people, and why working at Hive trumped other opportunities in the pipeline, a number of words kept coming up. What were they? Check the word-cloud below!👇

Employee Spotlight Word Cloud

4.What are you planning to make better during your time at Hive?

“The world of employee experience and engagement is bigger than many people realise. Yet, when you look at Hive’s mission and the application of our platform—it’s something everyone can appreciate. Ultimately, it’s about helping people to have more engaging and fulfilling work lives.

What am I planning to make better? The way managers and employees communicate to get the best out of each other. I’m keen to help businesses positively transform their workplaces—aligning all stakeholders on what conditions will help employees both enjoy and thrive in their work. I’m looking forward to applying my skills to make a positive difference.

By putting Hive’s technology in the hands of more people, I know I’ll play an important role in inspiring more good work days and a brighter overall future world of work.”

Ben Lind, Enterprise Sales Manager 🙋‍♂️

5.How do you expect working at Hive to aid your broader career development?

“I see working at Hive as a first major step in my career path—helping me to develop professionally in different ways and at an entirely different pace than ever before.

The fact that my managers and colleagues alike are so heavily invested in my personal development is no small thing.

Because Hive puts resources behind employees to upskill in areas we are passionate about, I feel there’s no upper limit to how much one can learn in this company—especially if you’re the sort of person who is enthusiastic about charting your own professional journey.

That investment in personal development is, without a doubt, going to set me up for success no matter where my career takes me.”

Georgia Lambert, Enterprise Sales Manager 🙋‍♀️

“In the future, I see myself in an Experience Design role, which is about considering all the touch points an organisation has with its customers and the wider public as one, cohesive message.

The exciting thing for me about Experience Design is that it utilises all the different design disciplines I’ve developed expertise in.

Hive is supporting me in that direction not only through myriad personal development opportunities—such as, sending me to prestigious design summits or giving me time to pursue independent projects during the workday—but also by giving me the freedom to really steer the design process and define what good UX looks like at Hive.”

James Heffernan, UX Designer 👨‍🎨

6.What advice would you offer others interested in joining the Hive team?

“If you’re thinking about applying, don’t think—just go for it! Life is too short to work somewhere you don’t love, and here at Hive you have the power to chart your own professional course in the company of an extremely motivated and fun group of people.”

Ben Lind, Enterprise Sales Manager 🙋‍♂️

“Once you’re in, you’ll never look back! Come join us because you’ll have the opportunity to work at an amazing business, in an amazing sector, that’s genuinely helping to make other people’s lives better. What’s not to love about that?!”

Georgia Lambert, Enterprise Sales Manager 🙋‍♀️

Curious what other team members are praising about our newbies? Here’s a sneak peek at the ‘Hive Fives’ circulating on our Hive platform’s peer-to-peer recognition live stream!

Employee Spotlight Hive Five Collage

Hive is always looking for awesome people to support our mission! ✨👀

If you’re interested in joining #TeamHive, check out our Careers page for current vacancies and to learn more about our company and culture.

5 Hive NewbiesFrom left to right, Malgosia Krzek, Ben Lind, Georgia Lambert, James Heffernan, & Nelson Omoragbon. (Also, Barry the Basset!)

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