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Surveys Reimagined: The Key To Improving Employee Engagement

Let’s talk about HR’s biggest challenge in 2019 — employee engagement. The industry has seemingly tackled this topic with the boom of office practices like in-house yoga, work gamification and walk-and-talk meetings. And the science-driven data backing such strategies continue to gain momentum… So, what’s left to talk about?

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Ryan Tahmassebi Presenting to audience

People Science In Action at Amazon HQ: An Interview With Hive’s Ryan Tahmassebi

Ryan’s interview was written by journalist Simon Rushworth and featured in Northern Insight magazine. There’s a data revolution happening in human resources and Hive’s People Scientists are leading the way, helping businesses use real-time employee feedback to create better employee experiences. Hive’s Director of People Science, Ryan Tahmassebi, a seasoned …

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stressed man with head in hands

3 Ways To Prevent Employee Burnout (Using The Jobs Demands-Resource Model)

Over half of UK workers have experienced ‘burnout’ in their jobs*. Scary, huh? Well in my first blog, I’m going to share my own ‘millennial’ burnout story, the (people) science behind burnout, and three ways organisations can drive employee engagement while preventing employee burnout.  To set the scene, I was …

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Working Mom and Child

Why Flexible Working Policies Fail to Support Working Parents

🤹”The juggle is real” as more parents than ever before must balance work and family life, according to recent figures from The Office for National Statistics.* With working parents making up such a huge portion of the UK’s workforce, it’s quite shocking that organisations are still not hitting the mark …

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Geoff Mike Gareth at conference 2019

The Great Hive Report Off (Tips For Team Building Activities)

Does competition kill collaboration in the workplace? Emma Booth ⁠— Hive’s Product Owner and very own Prue Leith! ⁠— shares the story behind The Great Hive Report Off, plus her planning tips for competitive team-building activities. David Sarnoff, pioneer of American commercial Radio and Television once said: “Competition brings out …

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Employees having fun

How To Build An Employer Brand That Your People Will Love (With 5 Hints And Tips)

You may have heard that the way organisations retain and recruit talent is changing forever. How so? Well, digital transformation, workplace demographics, and even people’s lifestyles has meant that there’s never been more asked of the work environment and employee experience than right now, in 2019. Yep, gone are the …

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CEO John Ryder and Barry

Dogged Determination: An Interview with Hive CEO John Ryder (And Barry)

John’s story was written by journalist Simon Rushworth for the North East Times. He’s created a Hive of HR activity and established a blueprint for employee wellbeing; now Teessider John Ryder is ready to take one of the North East’s most innovative technology providers to the next level. Simon Rushworth …

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Recruiters at work

5 Ways To Innovate Your Retail Recruitment Strategy In 2019 (With Examples)

Retail as we know it is experiencing a seismic shift. 2018 has been recognised as a particularly harsh year for businesses and the future of 2019 looks bleak. Whilst employment levels are at their highest since ONS records began, the number of retail employees dropped 2.4% year-on-year in the first …

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Happiness Happens Day

Team Hive Undertake Community Art Project to Spark Happiness from the Inside-Out

Did you know that August is Happiness Happens Month? That’s right, and today is officially Happiness Happens Day.  So, what is Happiness Happens Day?  Originally founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People, Happiness Happens Day is an occasion to recognise and express our happiness in action. And …

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