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Recruiters at work

5 Ways To Innovate Your Retail Recruitment Strategy In 2019 (With Examples)

Retail as we know it is experiencing a seismic shift. 2018 has been recognised as a particularly harsh year for businesses and the future of 2019 looks bleak. Whilst employment levels are at their highest since ONS records began, the number of retail employees dropped 2.4% year-on-year in the first …

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Happiness Happens Day

Team Hive Undertake Community Art Project to Spark Happiness from the Inside-Out

Did you know that August is Happiness Happens Month? That’s right, and today is officially Happiness Happens Day.  So, what is Happiness Happens Day?  Originally founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People, Happiness Happens Day is an occasion to recognise and express our happiness in action. And …

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Happy woman smiling at laptop in a coffe shop

7 Powerful Ways to Feel Happier at Work (Backed by Science)

“I don’t want to feel happy at work.”  Said noone ever. But the sad truth is many of us struggle to feel happy at work. You can tell by the high percentage of disengaged employees there are worldwide⁠—a whopping 85% according to most-recent figures. That’s a pretty scary stat considering. …

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Smiling employees

Here’s The Secret To Scaling Without Diluting Your Company Culture

Period of massive growth! Are there any words in the English language more terrifying to the HR Professional?  But why Ben? I hear you ask. Surely growth is good, we make more sales, we hire more people, the company becomes more valuable, we all get pay rises. Hooray. No! Not …

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Man Looking Stoic at Desk

Why Some Employees Ignore Surveys & How You Can Win Their Buy-In

You’ve launched employee surveys, yay! You’re ready to start acting on feedback and planning ahead. The hard bit is over, or so you thought… When only a portion of your workforce has taken the time to complete your latest employee survey, you can be left pondering, “how can we get …

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Hands pointing at laptop screen

How To Drive Organisational Change With HR Technology (Webinar Download)

We’re in the age of digital transformation! And organisations everywhere are turning to HR technology to support their change implementation efforts. But introducing new technology doesn’t automatically change organisational culture for the better—and in some cases, it can even harm it. (Scary, we know!) To really harness the power of …

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Iceberg of Ignorance Thumnail 2

Why The Iceberg Of Ignorance Is Still Relevant And How To Melt It

A well-known study in the 1980s stated that “only four per cent of a company’s problems are known to top managers”. Sound familiar? Well, this statistic sits at the tip of the ‘Iceberg of Ignorance’ and still resonates in businesses today. So let’s look at why the ‘Iceberg of Ignorance’ …

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Birdseye view of housing estate

5 Employee Engagement Lessons We Can Learn From Social Housing Providers

Throughout my joyous sales career at Hive, I’ve been lucky enough to spend quality time with hundreds of organisations of all shapes and sizes. Open arms and honest conversations have given me priceless insights into the inner workings of ‘high-performing’ organisations, especially those that really are nailing employee engagement and …

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Woman Smiling at Laptop

15 Fail-proof Ways To Improve Employee Survey Participation

So, I hear you’re on a mission to improve employee engagement at your organisation. You’ve brought in a super flexible employee feedback platform to gather people data on the reg and are making BIG plans for positive workplace change. But, hang fire – how do you actually engage your employees …

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