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Hive HR Charlotte Thornton Tim Murphy

Team Hive says ‘hi’ to two new senior creatives

At the start of this pretty darn superb summer (even by Newcastle’s standards!), Team Hive brought on board two new brand creatives – Tim Murphy and Charlotte Thornton – who are right behind Hive’s mission to change working lives for the better. Tim Murphy (Aussie native and awesome Graphic Designer) …

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bottle cork dangerous 159296

Four toxic ways you’re killing interest in your employee engagement surveys

For some organisations, keeping the workforce engaged with the employee engagement survey process is a challenge in itself. So, I’m sharing some of the most damaging, common mistakes that will bury your workforce’s interest levels. 1. You don’t take confidentiality seriously An erosion of confidentiality (or even the perception by employees that confidentiality isn’t upheld) …

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the 10 commandments of survey writing

The 10 commandments of survey writing

Survey writing might seem easy – but there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.  To help you stay on the right side of the tracks, we’re sharing lessons that have been learned the hard way from countless employee surveys with employees from across …

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hacking gallups q12

Hacking Gallup’s Q12 – a free improved alternative

So… you want to effectively understand what percentage of your workforce is engaged – but do so on a budget?  For years, Gallup’s Q12 has been THE go-to question-set for many organisations that want to measure employee engagement levels in their workforce. Of course, the questions are copyrighted and they’re Gallup’s intellectual …

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The power of purpose in employee engagement

It’s getting increasingly more difficult to attract and engage really good people with mainstay methods like a good salary, pretty perks or a quirky office environment. Now, more than ever, employees want something else – something more MEANINGFUL – to get them motivated and engaged. Purpose is what drives the new …

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