The HR Advice You Need to Expertly Manage Coronavirus

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🙌 Hands up to all the HR practitioners out there, a.k.a. the people on the frontline of organisational change.

We know you’re under a huge amount of pressure to support and reassure your people at this moment in time. 

Managing the coronavirus outbreak is an ongoing public and HR priority. People feel unsettled, guidance is changing daily and it’s challenging to know what to do first.

Of course, what doesn’t help is that there is an abundance of HR-related content flying about online, sometimes adding to the stress of the situation.

Our recommendation is to focus on the credible CIPD guidance and supporting materials, which are being updated regularly with the latest HR advice on managing coronavirus, with practical tools and tips for HR teams, including:

✔️ Advice for employers 

📝 Policy, continuity plan and contingency planning templates 

📧 Communications guidance 

🚮 Checklists for managing the spread of the virus 

❓Ongoing FAQs that answer the most prevalent HR queries

Team Hive are here

A note to all our customers: 

You can continue to rely on Hive to engage your people throughout this difficult time, gathering feedback on the most prevalent issues facing your workforce and coming to our team for employee engagement advice.

Your Hive employee feedback platform is cloud-based (free from the effect of any viruses!) and our people are set up to work from home—taking all nature of customer requests, holding meetings via video conferencing, and keeping themselves fit and healthy, so that we can support your organisation.

Our platform also has an always-on ‘Open Door’ feature, which can be customised to give your people an opportunity to share ideas on how best to manage the current circumstances. 

If you’re not a Hive customer and would like any tailored guidance on gathering feedback from your people throughout this period of change and uncertainty, book a personalised Hive platform and People Science intro.

For now, take care and keep in touch, 

Team Hive x

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Team Hive (when we weren't working from home!)