Software Engineer

We are now recruiting a
Software Engineer to help take Hive to the next level, and beyond!

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Software Engineer

Application deadline 26th July 2019

Software Engineer | Newcastle-upon-Tyne | Competitive + Benefits, including Flexible Working, Flexitime, and Ulimited Holidays.

We’re Hive, an award-winning scale-up with huge ambitions, based in Newcastle upon Tyne city centre.

Our software as a service (SaaS) proposition operates in the ‘HR Tech’ space; one of the fastest-growing sectors in tech right now. Our feature-rich platform connects employers and employees by gathering workforce feedback and insights on a continuous basis – an approach that is now adopted by SMEs and multinational corporates such as Apple, Amazon and Google.

Having experienced rapid growth over the last two years, we are now recruiting a talented Customer Launch Executive to help take Hive to the next level and beyond.

If you’d like to join an ambitious, competitive, dynamic, fun-loving team at a tech company that is going places – this might just be the job you’re looking for…

What’s Exciting About It?

Our technology stack and infrastructure are based on battle-tested, leading technologies that are a pleasure to work with. Our front-end, back-end and tests are all written in Typescript, so you can get involved in all aspects of the application development, or specialise in one area if that’s more your thing. Our infrastructure is based around the AWS ecosystem and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our deliverability, stability and reliability by researching new AWS technologies; an exciting area if you’re interested in that side of things.

We highly value self-development within the engineering team. Engineers are encouraged to seek out novel solutions to problems they encounter during the sprint life cycles. Found a new technology that could address some pain points? Let’s prototype! Worked out a better solution to a long-standing issue? We want to hear it!

Also, to facilitate our employees’ learning and career progression, we run fortnightly self-development sessions on Friday afternoons where our engineers are free to pick an area of interest to mature their knowledge and experience in. If conferences are more your thing, we have a dedicated budget set aside for exactly that!

The Role (In a nutshell)

You’ll be part of an engineering team that is committed to building something we’re all really proud of; using the best tools and the latest technologies in an environment that allows you to thrive and really make a difference. Ideally, you’ll have knowledge in some or all of these areas. Don’t worry if you’ve only heard of a few, we’re still learning some ourselves!

● Typescript / Javascript (ES6+)
● React.js + surrounding ecosystem
● Node.js
● GraphQL
● MongoDB
● Amazon Web Services
● ElasticSearch
● Docker

● Microservices Architecture
● Distributed message bus (SNS/SQS)
● Git (GitHub + Bitbucket)
● Infrastructure-as-code (Terraform)
● Continuous Integration + Deployment
● JIRA + Confluence

Day-to-day you’ll be working within an agile sprint team of other software engineers, lead engineers, DevOps magicians, QA testers and product owners. Our sprints run on a two-week basis, and as part of the sprint team, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up features and bug fixes in a wide variety of areas across the platform, including both the Frontend and Backend.

At the end of these sprints, we’ll run a retrospective, where you’ll be encouraged to voice your opinion about what went well, what didn’t, and what we could do differently next sprint to better reach our sprint goals. We’ll review this on a regular basis to make sure your voice is heard and changes actioned based on the team’s feedback.

About You

Problem solving: When presented with a problem, you can effectively research the underlying issue and implement novel solutions in a maintainable, understandable way.

Technology Experience: You’ve worked with some of our technologies before and have a good handle on their advantages and some of their challenges, and ideally how to overcome them! You’re always keen to try new solutions, but even if they don’t work out, you learn something from the experience.

Passionate about tech: Development isn’t just a day-to-day job for you, it’s a vocation. You’re keen to explore new technologies and solutions and enjoy the technical challenges of creating robust software that can scale.

Communication is key: You’re a confident speaker who can articulate not just what you’ll be doing, but why it’s necessary and how it can be achieved. You are comfortable receiving constructive feedback, as well as sharing your knowledge with others.

Innovation: Self-learning is part of your DNA. You’re comfortable learning about the latest technologies and more importantly, know how and when to apply them.

Sees projects through: You love seeing projects through to completion and are excited by the prospect of working on something that has scope to be used by hundreds of thousands of people.

Benefits & Atmosphere

  • competitive salary;
  • a talented, positive, can-do team of co-workers;
  • informal work environment;
  • planned social events;
  • unlimited holidays;
  • flexible working;
  • opportunity to travel to some cool places and listen to interesting people speak at conferences; and
  • knowing that you’re part of something that’s going to matter.

Sounds Good, Right?

To apply, please: 

  1. Email with the subject line “Application for the role of Software Engineer”
  2. Within the email submit your CV and a covering letter or covering video* 
  3. Within your covering letter or video, please include:
  • exactly why you’re specifically right for this role and what you’ll bring to our scaleup
  • all of your best strengths and why they’re relevant 
  • tell us about all of your wins, successes and achievements to date (personal and professional achievements)

* We recommend Loom if you’re sending a video. It’s free and awesome.

BTW… There’s no need for corporate speak. Dump the formality if it feels right. Be yourself and let your personality shine through

Hive is committed to equal opportunities in all areas of its work. All individuals will be treated in a fair and equal manner and in accordance with the law regardless of gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation.

By applying for this or any role at Hive, we will collect and store your CV, covering letter and contact details. For further details on how we process and store your data, please see our Recruitment Privacy Policy.