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Do you want to be 12 times more likely to engage and retain your employees?

Do you want to be 12 times more likely to engage and retain your employees?

Then you need the insights and expertise you’ll never get from a blog post or guide. If you’re ready to make targeted, data-driven decisions about employee engagement...

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David Blackburn FSCS Profile

“We achieved our best-ever employee engagement results in eight years with Hive—including an 11% annual increase in employee engagement and an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) average of 30.”


David Blackburn, Chief People Officer, Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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Forget old-school, prescriptive employee engagement.

Hive’s approach has been developed and validated using occupational psychology, specifically for modern, changing organisations.

We equip your HR and people managers with all the tools, technology and expert support required to rollout a successful employee engagement initiative.


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4 Listen

Technology alone cannot change your organisational culture.

We bundle our cloud-based employee feedback platform with access to our expert People Science team. Our People Science team will work with you to tailor an employee voice strategy that aligns with your organisational development goals.

What is People Science?

With its roots in occupational psychology, People Science is all about gathering, analysing and using data to improve employees’ working lives and achieve organisational goals.

Why is it so important?

Our platform is designed to gather the most relevant and varied feedback possible from your people—but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. If you want to see real change, then you have to use that feedback to adjust mindsets, encourage positive behaviours and ultimately build a culture that enables your people to thrive.

Hive makes sure you get the highest-quality feedback possible, and use it to create better days at work.

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What Employee Engagement services does Hive offer?

2 Vision

Cultural Readiness Assessment and Strategy Build

Organisations often fail to have any significant impact with their employee engagement work because they don’t have a strategy in place to guide them. A good strategy provides a clear set of goals and drives everyone involved towards its “North Star” with one shared focus.

Leadership Buy in Big Picture Aqua

Senior Leadership Buy-in Session

Employee engagement is sometimes viewed as HR’s responsibility to ‘do’ for the entire organisation. But to be truly successful in building the right culture for your organisation, you need senior leaders to own it, and be true advocates of the employee experience.

5 Listen

Bespoke Survey Development

What’s important to your organisation right now? Maybe you’ve just gone through a restructure or merger, introduced a new set of values, had a spike in attrition, or had to start working remotely… whatever it may be, if you want it to be a success, you need to know how it’s landing with your people.

1 Define

Report Packs

So you’ve sent out the perfect survey and now the results are in. That raw data probably raises more questions than answers, and it certainly doesn’t give you anywhere near the full story—just the blurb. We can help you uncover that story from behind the numbers.

3 Buy in

Executive Presentations

Some leaders might see employee engagement as a litmus test to make sure the organisation is on track, rather than an opportunity to drive change that makes things better for each individual employee and the organisation as a whole. But the real goal is to convince the decision-makers to act on them.

Training Workshops Aqua


There’s nothing more frustrating than inaction—especially when it’s clear what needs to be done. Unfortunately, that’s all too common for employee engagement surveys; the data seems to slip into a black hole and not enough happens off the back of it. But if you can get through to the key population—people managers—you’ll see real progress.

Allison Joynes

“Hive’s People Science team were a huge help in getting our leaders on board with the project. They challenged mindsets and following each survey they presented detailed reports that linked the data to the employee experience. ”

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Allison Joynes, Senior Organisational Development Manager at Thirteen Group

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Did we mention our industry leading Employee Voice platform?

Did we mention our industry leading Employee Voice platform?

Hive platform features

✅️ Accessible, flexible surveying
✅ Always-on listening tools
✅ Peer recognition features
✅ Insight reporting and analytics
✅ Tooltips and support guides

Hive Platform Dashboard Survey Results 2021
Platform Backed People Science

Our platform features four key service areas, all underpinned by our People Science.

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Ask meaningful questions and get relevant feedback, with complete freedom over survey crafting. Simple baseline, pulse, themed and targeted surveying.
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Follow up on feedback and dive deeper into issues raised by employees with Hive’s direct Messenger.

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Let your people shout loud and proud about their coworkers with our values-driving peer recognition tool, Hive Fives.

Hive Open Door Logo

Show you’re always open to burning questions, brilliant ideas and niggling concerns with our always-on listening tool, Open Door.

Targeted employee feedback at scale has never been easier.

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