From annual engagement to everyday experience: Hive talks employee surveys

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Team Hive will be out in force at the 2018 CIPD Employee Experience Conferences (Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 December). The two-day London event seeks to inspire new HR approaches to employee engagement and performance management – something we sure know a hell of a lot about!

In fact, our resident Business Psychologist and Director of People Science, Ryan Tahmassebi, will be taking the floor on day 1 (Employee Engagement conference – Tuesday 11 December) with his session entitled ‘From annual engagement to everyday experience: modernising the employee survey’.

Ryan’s half-hour long presentation takes place between 12.20-12.50pm – at conference venue Grange Tower Bridge Hotel – and will explore:

Using survey tools to manage change

How an employee feedback platform can support organisations with managing change – including organisational change such as mergers and acquisitions, cultural change around values and purpose and externally influenced change such as the effects of Brexit.

Overcoming cultural challenges

The barriers that HR professionals often face when trying to embed new HR technologies, including stakeholder buy-in and employee perception. Ryan will give his recommendations for overcoming them.

From annual surveys to flexible surveys

How the move from annual surveys to ongoing employee feedback loops can help create a more inclusive employee experience.

Creating survey questions

The pitfalls of using prescriptive survey templates to engage with employees rather than asking real-world questions that result in more meaningful engagement.

Effective measurement

How an employee feedback platform can provide invaluable data to analyse and act upon employee insights, providing HR teams with a more effective way of measuring engagement metrics while also enabling  to understand what really impacts employee experience.

Throughout his presentation, Ryan will draw insight from leading industry voices as well as Hive customers who have implemented change by leveraging Hive’s platform; ultimately gaining a deeper understanding of the people who comprise their organisation.

Meet Ryan and Team Hive

If you’re lucky enough to be attending the CIPD Employee Experience Conferences 2018, make sure to catch Ryan’s session on Day 1 (Tuesday 11 December at 12.20-12-50pm).

You’ll also find all our team on the (newly branded!) Hive stand on both days; catch an early glance of the Hive team on LinkedIn!

People Scientist Jen Southern

Customer Success team Emma and Stephen

Enterprise Sales team Theo and Claire

Would you like Ryan to speak at your event? Drop us an email with your event details to You can also follow and connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.

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