We’re in the age of digital transformation! And organisations everywhere are turning to HR technology to support their change implementation efforts.

But introducing new technology doesn’t automatically change organisational culture for the better—and in some cases, it can even harm it. (Scary, we know!)

To really harness the power of HR technology and capitalise on opportunities technology creates for positive change, business leaders must first cultivate organisational readiness within their workforce.

But what is organisational readiness?

And how do you cultivate it in order to overcome common barriers to change?

Hive’s Director of People Science, Ryan Tahmassebi, answers these questions in an exciting new streamGo webinar, alongside Jane Young, Director of Internal Communications at Legal and General.

You can now download this webinar recording for free, and learn about the unique barriers to change management and how technology may be leveraged to overcome them.

Download ‘Driving Organisational Change With HR Technology’ today 

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Hive Studios are producing a brand new video series called Creating Organisational Readiness for Employee Surveying, which is launching this August 2019 and will be led by our Director of People Science Ryan Tahmassebi.

By watching our video series, you’ll learn to:

  • Create a shared understanding of what employee engagement means to your organisation (critical!)
  • Get buy-in and involvement from key stakeholders within your business
  • Find the right pace for surveying and ongoing change
  • Develop a tailored engagement strategy that will deliver impact for your business

Watch the trailer and register for updates on Hive’s new video series, so we can help you create organisational readiness and positively transform your organisation’s culture.