Team Hive Undertake Community Art Project to Spark Happiness from the Inside-Out

Happiness Happens Day
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Did you know that August is Happiness Happens Month? That’s right, and today is officially Happiness Happens Day

So, what is Happiness Happens Day? 

Originally founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People, Happiness Happens Day is an occasion to recognise and express our happiness in action. And while earlier this month I brought you 7 Powerful Ways to Feel Happier at Work, I think it’s just as important to share the happiness we cultivate with others.

And that’s why Team Hive joined together in the creation of an awesome art instalment today, with intentions to spread a little positivity across the community from the inside-out. 

Painting eye-catching colour boards to broadcast a friendly message from our office’s fourth-floor windows, we hoped to spark a few smiles and encourage viewers to look on the bright side of life. Folks were also invited to paint freely things that make them happy, which yielded quaint illustrations of campsites, paw prints, and our very own office dog Barry. 

Smile Sign In Office Window
#TeamHive’s Office Window ‘S-m-i-l-e’ Sign as Viewed from the Street

For the not-so-artistically inclined, a welcome afternoon break came in the form of oversized garden games and a happiness counter activity designed to help us recognise the wide variety of ways we can experience happiness on a daily basis; including when we feel thankful, hopeful, nostalgic, or amused.

Happiness Happens Day Collage 2
#TeamHive Gathered Around the Painting Table

There are so many different ways we can experience happiness, and just as many (if not more) different sources of happiness— a.k.a  ‘smile-starters.’

Smile-starters are all around us! And it helps to be reminded that so many of them are quite ordinary things; they are accessible through everyday activities and conversations. (Right down to the mere physical act of smiling, which research has shown can be enough to lift one’s mood; hence Team Hive’s community encouragement to ‘Smile Today’).

What (or who!) made you smile at work today? Tell us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

An Uncanny Likeness of Office Dog Barry
An Uncanny Likeness of Office Dog Barry

Mikaila is the Marketing Exec. for Hive HR, handling all-things events, social media, and awards. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and writing; mostly in the subjects of philosophy and spirituality. (More amusingly, she once walked 9km to an airport in order to save on cab fare—securing the informal office title of “The Cheapest Woman Alive.”) Connect with Mikaila on LinkedIn

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