Is Your Organisation Ready For Change?

There’s one thing we can count on to stay constant: organisational change! But it’s never as easy as “out with the old, in with the new”. It takes lots of planning, communicating, and adjusting along the way. So before you get started, ask yourself this… is your organisation ready? 

Our People Scientists have devised a free Change Readiness Assessment which one of our team will run through with you during a free personalised 30 minute call.

Based on your responses given during the call we’ll be able to give you a detailed score and assessment for how ready your organisation is for cultural change.

After our call we’ll send you:

  • A detailed overview of your results
  • A customised PDF assessment with full scoring breakdown. 

So what are you waiting for? Book your 121 slot with our team today!

Change Readiness Assessment report image

Book your Change Readiness Assessment:

Our Change Readiness Assessment is split into four key areas; strategy, design, insight and action. 

Each of these areas plays a crucial part in preparing your organisation for change and making your cultural initiatives stick long term. Based on your responses we’ll give you a score for each section and an overall assessment on how ready your organisation is for cultural change.

Strategy - Create readiness for change

Areas we can help:

Design - Build intention with team members

Areas we can help:

Insight - Inspire action from your people

Areas we can help:

Action - Make culture stick long term

Areas we can help:

Employee Voice Platform and strategic partner

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