Creating Organisational Readiness for Employee Surveying

Learn how the best HR practitioners improve employee experience and introduce new surveying technologies to boost engagement.

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The trend

The number of organisations using large-scale surveys is down 15% since 2015.

More and more organisations are moving away from a traditional annual employee survey to a more flexible tech-powered approach, utilising feedback platforms like Hive that enable more agile and bespoke surveying.

The challenge

Technology alone cannot change organisational culture.

That’s why the most important factor in the successful implementation of a new engagement initiative is about creating organisational readiness from the start. Our three-stage video series will help you to prepare for this cultural change in your organisation.

The Solution

3 key stages to create organisational readiness

Watch our three videos to dive deeper into the actions you need to consider to smash your engagement goals.

1. Defining your culture and employee experience.

2. Shifting stakeholder mindset & behaviours.

3. Creating a survey strategy for success.

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