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Always-on listening

Give your people the freedom to have their say on what matters to them, at any time.

Speed of employee insight is key, so what if someone has something to say when you aren’t currently running a survey? Hive Open Door can help.
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“Open Door has—pardon the pun—really opened doors for our colleagues.

They can kick start conversations that they can no longer have in the office—or comments they don’t have the confidence to share openly—and receive an instant response from the business. It’s a gateway between our senior leadership, our People & Culture team, and colleagues everywhere.”

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Selina Murray,
Communications and Engagement Manager,
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Make sure your digital door is always open

Hive Open Door is an identity-protected, direct line for your people to give you their feedback, concerns and ideas. It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and stay in touch with whatever’s most important to your people right now. So you can understand how they’re feeling, and figure out what you can do to help.

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Build trust with confidentiality

We’re 100% committed to confidentiality and that’s no different for Hive Open Door; no names will ever be attached to submissions.

Tailored to you

From customising the name of your Open Door to bespoke feedback categories, Hive is there to serve your unique needs. So no matter what your culture is, it’ll slot right in.

FSCS rebranded Open Door to “Direct Line to Caroline”, as a way for their CEO to engage with colleagues directly and create a clearer link to leadership.

Close the feedback loop

All Open Door submission can be responded to using Hive Messenger, our identity-protected messaging tool. That way, you can follow-up on the feedback, dig into the details and show your people you’re really listening.

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Get extra insight with dashboard tools

The admin dashboard allows you to search all Hive Open Door feedback by keyword, category and segment so you can dig deeper into the most pressing topics—like ‘mental health’ or ‘working from home’—while using extra features to track feedback status and progress.

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“The main thing I was looking for in a partner was a business that resonated with us and would enable us to do something really meaningful, and Hive was a great fit. We went out to market because we wanted to give people the right platform to be able to speak up about the things that they might find difficult to raise in person. It’s important to have a bit of both; we want people to have a sense of psychological safety to consistently feed in what they’re thinking.”

Henry Boot

Rachel White,

Head of HR, 
Henry Boot

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