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Hive Employee Voice Certified 2024

What is a Hive Employee Voice Certified organisation?

Well, for one, it’s a nifty looking badge. But it’s also much more than that. A Hive Employee Voice Certified organisation is dedicated to improving their employee experience, through the power of employee voice. 

It signifies the care, support, and desire for leaders to want to make everyday at work the best it can be for their people. After all, employees are an organisation’s best asset. 

Which is why when companies use Hive to amplify their employee voice and strive for greatness where employee experience, wellbeing, engagement, and empowerment to speak up are concerned, we recognise this.  

Hive Employee Voice Certified 2024

Why employees should look for Hive Employee Voice Certified organisations

For those employed by (or hoping to soon be!) organisations that have received this recognition, it signifies a leadership and decision-making team that values their employee’s working experience, personal and professional growth, well-being, and job contentment.

Hive Employee Voice Certified organisations are looking to build and develop a supportive, empowering work culture that fosters a sense of belonging among its people through using Hive’s tools:

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Anonymous feedback

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Messenger services

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People Scientists

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Employee Voice Strategies

This allows them to gain insight, opinions and suggestions from their people that would make their experiences at work as best as they possibly can be.

“This award supports our belief that engaged staff are key to our success in achieving our mission, inspirational learning; changing lives.”

Glasgow Clyde College

Who are Hive HR?

At Hive, we give organisations the tech, insight, coaching and confidence they need to manage change through the power of employee voice.

When an organisation is using Hive, it means they’re invested in improving their employee engagement and experience to create better days at work – working for a company that values this, means that you’re more than just a number. You’re a valued member of a thriving workplace continuously looking to improve.

Hive Employee Voice Certified 2024
Play Video about Hive's Confidentiality Commitment

At Hive, we’re 100% committed to confidentiality

Hive Employee Voice Certified organisations recognise the importance of protecting their employees’ identity, and by choosing to use Hive, they’ve taken a brave step towards giving their people a permanent voice.

Through Hive, an organisation has an opportunity to spark ongoing dialogue with its employees for positive change to help achieve its goals.

“We’re very pleased with the service provided by Hive. We were looking for recognition for all the work we’re putting into our company to attract and retain our talent, and Hive has helped with giving that recognition.”

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Sian Davies – HR Manager
FISCAL Technologies.

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