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Insights to improve 
your workplace culture

Get the insights you need fast from your surveys and Open Door feedback with a range of reporting options within the Hive platform. 

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You don’t need to be a data wizard and you won’t be drowning in data -
we’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on driving positive cultural change.

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Report on what matters most to you

You can report on key insights and metrics (both qualitative and quantitative) via a range of tools within the platform and via our People Science team. These include heatmaps, sentiment analysis, question types, industry benchmarking, word clouds and score distributions.

You can compare your data against previous surveys, all of which can be broken down by key metrics, organisation and teams/departments.

Visually analyse, compare and
interpret your data with heatmaps

Our heatmaps provide an at-a-glance view of the average scores of your survey responses. These can be filtered by department, team specific questions and employee demographics such as gender, length of service, age and more.

You can compare high/low scores across your organisation on a survey or question basis, allowing you to see which areas need the most attention.

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See how you stack up with Hive Benchmarking

Compare your organisation’s performance to industry peers, our customer base, or your previous surveys. Hive’s benchmarks are made up of over 500,000 employee responses.

Analyse response rates, eNPS, and Engagement Index scores to evaluate the effectiveness of employee feedback at organisations just like yours.

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No hanging around - keep updated in real time

Get the results of your surveys when they are in progress and as soon as they close. No need to hang around waiting – get instant insights within the Hive platform.

Take your presentations to the
next level with shareable data

You can quickly export the results of a completed survey into a quick report (compatible with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides).

Overviews of your survey results and key metric scores can be printed or downloaded. And overview results of individual survey questions can also be downloaded as images for your presentations or board reports. 

Your data can also export from Hive into csv and PDF formats. 

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Unlock the full potential of your data
with People Science reporting

Our People Science team really sets us apart. With roots in occupational psychology they understand the importance of personal expertise and can help turn your data into actionable insights and recommendations to make your workplace even better for all employees. 

Our expert People Scientists will dissect your data and offer the following range of personalised reports, which allow you to spend your time focusing on the findings and not spending hours wading through the data.

Simple, straight forward insight at your fingertips with our headline snapshot report.

Get more than just numbers – uncover the story hidden in your survey data with Hive’s Essential Insights Report.

Delve deeper into your survey data and uncover your story with expert commentary and actionable insights from a People Scientist.

Drive better business outcomes through providing your managers with visibility of engagement drivers, and create accountability to improve employee engagement.

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business through personalised insight.

Dig deeper into your team’s thoughts and feelings with our Additional Demographic Data & Thematic Analysis. Discover insights you may have gone unnoticed before.

Unlock the full potential of your organisation by transforming your employee experience and engaging your leaders through a compelling narrative of people-focused data, to drive your success.

Take a closer look at our reports

We’ll listen to your needs and give you a personalised overview of our employee engagement surveying and feedback platform and also cover how our People Science partnership could work for your organisation.

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