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If you’re reading this, you know employee voice is important—now more than ever.

This is exactly what we told readers of the Future of HR (2020) report, which was first distributed in The Times and is now available to download from our website (with a little scroll)👇 Hive Future of HR report Our article (pg 5), ‘Employees want to talk; employers need to listen’, explains that employees have been proactively looking for ways to give feedback throughout the coronavirus pandemic.  But with face-to-face being out of the question, people are turning to employee surveys and feedback channels to raise issues, ask questions and offer ideas. Hive Open Door stats April 2020 In return, organisations are benefitting from listening and responding to their people—using employee insights to navigate the disruption of coronavirus and make data-driven decisions about the future.

“In our latest pulse survey, we asked employees ‘when do you think we should return to work?’ and, in response to their feedback, we can confidently announce we’re maintaining our current working-from-home arrangements until September.”

Many Hive customers have even measured huge increases in employee Net Promoter Scores (a widely recognised employee advocacy metric) due to their handling of the pandemic.

Hive eNPS stats April 2020

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Check out pg 5 of the Future of HR (2020) report to read our article in full, which includes real customer stories from FSCS and Dorset Council, recent feedback statistics and psychological commentary from our People Science Director, Ryan Tahmassebi

The 12-page report also includes expert opinions on what the “new normal” could look like for organisations, and promotes HR’s critical role in managing this change. Article topics include:

  • The growing influence and importance of HR’s role in organisations.
  • How giving employees more control over their roles is impacting presenteeism.
  • The increasing focus on employee experience.
  • The rise of recruiting freelancers for small businesses.
  • Getting the balance right between HR tech and HR professionals.
  • The shift from wellbeing-supportive to wellbeing-centric.

We hope you enjoy the Future of HR (2020) report. To get an even deeper understanding of how employee feedback could help your organisation to manage change and navigate the future of work, book your discovery call with a Hive sector specialist.