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Using Hive to achieve “best-ever” employee engagement results

500 - 1,000 Employees
Financial Services

Trust is the cornerstone of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), who put people back on track when authorised financial services firms fail — offering a claims service that is both fast and easy for customers.

FSCS's people challenges

FSCS’s people strive to provide an outstanding customer experience to people affected in the
UK—working effectively with stakeholders across financial services, such as banks and building
societies, to “Protect (customers) and Prevent (failures)”.

Many FSCS employees deal with stressed, worried and vulnerable customers. These people need to feel confident, informed, and motivated to “Protect and Prevent”, and this extends to the new operations centre in Glasgow: FSCS’s strategic new partnership with Capita.

Why Hive?

FSCS’s award-winning People Team had made great headway with their employee engagement strategy before partnering with Hive in 2018; securing the support of senior leaders and selecting employee engagement ambassadors across the company.

Identifying the need for employee insights, they chose Hive as their employee feedback platform for the flexibility over survey frequency and survey questions. For example, the People Team could launch Hive with a ‘Partnership’ survey; gathering feedback on the most important matter at hand to drive business improvement and align two organisations.

Achieving best-ever employee engagement results

Watch David Blackburn, Chief People Officer at FSCS explain how they achieved their “best-
ever” employee engagement results in eight years with Hive, including an 11% annual increase
in employee engagement and an eNPS average of 30.

Watch "Achieving best-ever employee engagement results" video:

Adapting Hive platform features

FSCS is using Hive in a way that is completely bespoke to their business. The People Team have:

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