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All your employee voice needs for the cost of 1 cup of coffee per employee per month

Get equipped with the right tools, support and a People Science partnership to create a thriving place to work.

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Get exactly what you need to succeed with
fair and tailored pricing

At Hive, our employee voice platform and People Science partnership are tailored to your organisation’s unique needs.

We want our pricing to be fair and accurate, which is why we’ll work with you to create a quote to reflect that value you’ll receive.

All customers get access to…

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Not for Profit?
Not a problem!

Every penny matters towards making a difference - we get that

Which is why when you sign up to the Hive platform you’ll receive an exclusive 25% off for NFP’s.

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ROI Calculator

Discover the cost of not listening to your employees

Employees who feel like their voice isn’t heard quickly become disengaged, unhappy and unproductive at work.

Our quick and easy calculator can show you in seconds how much disengaged employees are costing you.

See what you could be saving by investing in your people and embracing employee voice.

Slider Calculation
0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000
1 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 50,000 60,000
How many of your workforce is actively disengaged*
Cost of this disengagement**

Not just a platform, a partnership

Hive's employee voice platform and occupational psychology expertise empowers your people to speak up and give you the insights you need to make better decisions and create a better place to work. So you can be confident that you’re receiving exceptional value for your investment - Let us show you how!

*Based on 15% of workforces being actively disengaged (source: Gallup)
**Actively disengaged employees cost their employer 34% of their salary every year (source: Gallup)

Frequently Asked Questions

Your subscription is inclusive of the support we provide to help you launch your Hive, however – while there are no fixed set-up costs – if you require additional support, this could incur additional costs.

Hive makes it unbelievably simple for employees to take part in your surveys. Your workforce will need an email address or mobile phone number and Hive will use these contact details to prompt each employee to take part. Don’t worry if you don’t have employee contact details, we can collect them. There are no login details or passwords to remember.

You can create your own question strategy and Hive will sort the rest at a frequency of your choice. You can ask what you want, when you want.

The dashboard reporting suite can be accessed by permission granted users – usually senior leaders and HR practitioners. You can have as many permission granted users as you like.

Super Admins: can access all of your data, company-wide. They can respond to feedback using Hive Messenger and have administrative control over the Hive.

Managers: Can access data and respond to feedback using Hive Messenger but are restricted and will only see comments, scores and feedback from the department they manage.

100%. We firmly believe that to get meaningful insights, employees need to feel free of possible repercussions of their opinions. In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”

Not really. There’s nothing to integrate because Hive is hosted securely online. We’ll need to liaise with your IT resource so that we can make sure our emails are successfully delivered to your employees – but that’s about it.

It depends on your size and the type of workforce you have. Smaller companies are typically ready within two to four weeks. If you have a large workforce that don’t have access to company email addresses, the process could be longer.

What to consider when choosing an Employee Voice provider

You will have access to a dedicated point of contact from our Customer Success Team as well as our Product Support Team who can assist you with technical platform support, easy-access service desk with Support ticket logging and tracking, support material, learning resources and more. All provided by humans and not chatbots!

We’re 100% committed to confidentiality. When your people know that their identity is protected, they know they can open up about even the more sensitive topics—like wellbeing or inclusion—building the psychological safety they need to speak up. You can find out more about our confidentiality commitment here.

With Hive we offer a range of ways in which surveys can be accessed. Whether it is via email, SMS or via the employee homepage, your employees will have access to respond to the latest surveys or leave their feedback via Open Door or Messenger whenever they need to.

We give our customers the ability to create fully bespoke surveys with questions of their choosing so you won’t be restricted by only being able to use specific question banks.

We offer over 20 different language translations within our platform. We are continuously increasing our platform translations, because more languages means more voices. And more voices means better insight and stronger engagement. You can see the full list of our translations here.

Our customers can compare their organisation’s performance to industry peers, our customer base, or internal surveys using Hive’s benchmarking. They can benchmark and analyse against response rates, eNPS, and engagement index scores.

A platform that delivers for our customers

A platform that delivers to customers

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5 Star G2 Rating

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“Using Hive we have come so far in developing our people strategy, making our organisation an amazing place to work.”

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