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Identity protected, virtual chats

Dig deeper into feedback, close the feedback loop and show your people that you're really listening.

It can be frustrating when you receive employee feedback that you can’t respond to or follow up on. With Hive Messenger, you can.

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“Hive Messenger allowed me to respond to 83 employees directly within one week.

I was able to follow up on our survey feedback and personally address colleagues anxieties, fears, and concerns—shortly followed by FSCS achieving our highest ever engagement score.”


David Blackburn,
Chief People Officer,
Financial Services Compensation Scheme

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More communication.
More answers. More action.

Empower your people to perform their best work

Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6x more likely to feel empowered and perform their best work. Prove to your people that you’re listening with instant two-way communication to get to the heart of issues and respond to questions, concerns or ideas.  

Open Door

Create a safe space for open and honest dialogue

Think of it like a digital one-way mirror. Employees are assigned a random alias, so you don’t know exactly who you’re having a chat with. That gives them the peace of mind to be truly open and honest. Read more about our commitment to confidentiality.

Tailored to you

Hive Messenger can fit into your employee voice strategy in a way that works for you.

Thirteen use confidential messaging to support their health and wellbeing strategy, by getting their Mental Health Advocates to respond to colleagues who scored low on wellbeing survey questions. 

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Involve people in driving the change they want to see

You can respond to any feedback you get through Hive Surveying, Hive Open Door or Hive Fives. That allows you to keep the conversation going, get to the crux of the matter and even see if the person you’re chatting to wants to be involved in dealing with it.

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Escalate feedback to the right people

Make sure the feedback reaches the right people, at the right time—with Hive Messenger, more than one leader, manager, or whoever you’d like can join the conversation with an employee.

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Peer-to-peer Hive Fives

“Hive has given us the perfect platform to be able to hear those harder to reach people. Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations, so it’s important to get in front of as many colleagues as possible so that people can be heard in a way that works for them—and Hive gives us the ultimate flexibility to do that.”

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Carmel Roberts,

Learning and Development Manager,
The Calico Group

See Hive in action!

We’ll listen to your needs and give you a personalised overview of our employee engagement surveying and feedback platform and also cover how our People Science partnership could work for your organisation.

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