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How Bloom successfully transformed their culture and improved engagement with Hive

Hive’s user-friendly interface, insightful data analysis, and commitment to confidentiality have been instrumental in driving Bloom’s success and fostering a thriving culture.

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The overview

Bloom, embarked on a journey to enhance its employee experience and foster a supportive work culture. Recognising the importance of employee voice, they turned to Hive to drive culture change, improve employee engagement, eNPS and employee turnover.

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What brought them to Hive?

As Bloom continued to grow at pace, and with a newly formed Executive team, their focus moved to culture, employee voice, and engagement. This was also at the heart of their newly developed People Strategy.

Bloom recognised the importance of confidentiality and buy-in from all employees, and Hive’s commitment to these aspects played a key role in their decision. They implemented the Hive Open Door feature, allowing continuous employee feedback at any time, and used the Hive Fives feature to recognise day-to-day interactions and celebrate outstanding culture contributions.

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“Having had prior experience with Hive in a different organisation, I knew that Hive would be the ideal solution for our needs. Hive's comprehensive features, such as onboarding support, surveys, confidential feedback, and a bank of questions, perfectly aligned with Bloom's objectives."

Pam Lamming – Chief People Officer

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Simple and efficient

Bloom found Hive’s platform easy to set up and use. Live data meant they could understand and address any concerns in a timely manner.  The user-friendliness of the platform allowed Bloom’s small People team to quickly gather and turn data into actionable insights – preventing them from drowning in data. Setting different access levels for different stakeholders also helped make using Hive straightforward for Bloom.

Through Hive’s platform, Bloom improved communication and collaboration throughout the organisation. Initiatives like coffee academy, leader connect, fireside chats, Bloom Buzz and employee voting on various business areas have fostered a more inclusive and participatory work environment.

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A catalyst for cultural change

By actively listening to employee feedback through Hive’s platform, Bloom experienced a significant increase in employee engagement. Survey scores consistently improved, indicating a more positive and satisfied workforce.

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They also found that they needed to focus on transparency, health and wellbeing, and people development, which has significantly influenced the organisation’s culture… and with an eNPS now at +80, it’s safe to say that they’re succeeding.

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Bloom successfully addressed employee turnover challenges by implementing changes based on employee insights gathered through Hive. The employee retention improved from 64% to an impressive 87%, highlighting the positive impact of employee voice.

Hive enabled Bloom to drive a culture transformation. By using insights from employee feedback, Bloom made several strategic changes.

These included introducing new benefits such as…

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Now recognised as one of the Sunday Times best places to work

Bloom’s commitment to employee voice and the positive changes driven by Hive’s platform also led to industry recognition. They were placed on the prestigious Sunday Times Best Places to Work list, showcasing the impact of employee voice and the organisation’s progress in creating an exceptional workplace. Amazing work from the team at Bloom.
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“It’s been fantastic seeing first hand the commitment Bloom has in providing an excellent employee experience and seeing their efforts recognised nationally!”

Sammy Mackay-Guyll – Hive HR

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Who are Bloom?

Bloom offers a fully managed procurement service that enables public sector organisations to rapidly and compliantly access the professional services they need, helping them to deliver their outcomes. Their dedicated team helps manage procurement projects from specification build all the way through to project completion.

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