Hive for Public Sector

For an employee experience that every generation will love

In the public sector, employee voice is essential to attracting, engaging and retaining the newest generation of talent

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1000’s of public sector employees have a voice with Hive

Hive for Public Sector
Public Sector

A better way to embrace and embed organisational change

It’s no secret that younger workers are unrepresented in the public sector—and that needs to change.

Employee voice makes it much easier for public sector organisations to reinvent their ways of working and become more agile, flexible and prepared for the future of work.

Hive are proud to be an approved supplier under the government's
G-Cloud 13 framework.

Give your people a permanent voice

Hive gives public sector professionals the opportunity to speak up, be heard, and inform meaningful change...

“We now have an engagement tool that provides employees with a voice, while enabling us to listen and quickly respond to the everyday issues that impact our force. Their feedback is influencing everything from internal improvements to all our police stations, to supporting health and wellbeing, to improving our approach to rewards and recognition.”

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Joscelin Lawson,
Director of People and Development

Measure and improve engagement in a purposeful way

You have to dedicate a lot of time and effort into measuring engagement accurately. And then once you’ve got a good read on it, even more time and effort is needed to improve those levels.

Hive Surveying allows you to build and run bespoke surveys with ease—gathering all the feedback you need to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

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Fuel your diversity and inclusion strategy with granular insights

To encourage diversity in your workforce, first you need to make sure you have an inclusive culture and employee experience.

With HRIS integrations and survey-by-survey results segmentation, you can zoom in on specific employee groups to make sure nobody is left behind.

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The 8 things you need to know...

Embed a culture of recognition driven by organisational values

Culture is key to employee engagement. Just as negativity can be toxic, positivity is infectious. So if you want to put smiles on faces without blowing the budget, look to your culture.

Hive Fives is the ideal tool for that—digital peer-to-peer recognition. You’ll be amazed by how powerful a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘well done’ can be.

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Manage and measure the success of change across every department

Organisational change is a step into the unknown, and there are bound to be some unexpected outcomes. So you have to keep your ear to the ground to understand the impact of that change.

With targeted pulse surveys and always-on listening through Hive Open Door, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on things.

“Hive has a genuine interest to work in partnership and understand our needs. We are excited about the possibilities our partnership will bring to enable all colleagues to have a voice, and shape their experience of working at our University.

We want colleagues to have a positive experience at work, both within their local teams and as part of our values-driven University. We know that working with Hive will provide meaningful data and insight that will not just sit in a report but lead to impactful change.”

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Juliet Flynn,
Organisational and Staff Development Consultant,
Canterbury Christ Church University

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In a people-first industry, you need people-first organisations

Create an employee experience worth shouting about

With Hive, you can hear from your people on any topic, at any time—empowering them to influence positive changes that will make a real difference to your organisation. Here’s how:

✅ Cultural insight
✅ Flexible surveying
✅ Segmentable results
✅ Peer-to-peer recognition
✅ Always-on listening
✅ Real-time feedback
✅ Identity-protected feedback
✅ Easily accessible and intuitive platform

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