Hive for Emergency Services

Fostering positive organisational culture through employee voice

For emergency services, every second counts - just like every employee's voice. 

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1000’s of emergency service employees have a voice with Hive

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Caring employees need care too

At the intersection of diverse workforces and life-changing responsibilities, emergency service workers encounter numerous pressures leading to high levels of stress, mental health issues, burnout and frustration. But, prioritising wellbeing, inclusion, and a sense of belonging can make all the difference. 

Using Hive, emergency service organisations can build an inclusive employee experience through confidential employee feedback, enhancing their support for both their people and public alike.

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“Working with Hive has given us an excellent opportunity to put our
people at the heart of our organisation.”

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Joscelin Lawson,
Director of People & Development

Give your people a permanent voice

Hive’s four flagship feedback channels and People Science expertise, give emergency service staff the opportunity to speak up, be heard, and inform meaningful change.

Hive are proud to be an approved supplier under the government's G-Cloud 13 framework.

Gain true insights into employee wellbeing

By establishing a secure and confidential platform for open expression, Hive empowers you to prioritise the health and wellbeing of all emergency service workers. 

From confidential surveys to identity-protected messaging, Hive enables you to gather invaluable insights, enabling the creation of impactful wellbeing strategies that directly address real challenges faced by your dedicated personnel.

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Build a culture of inclusion and belonging

Unite and empower your workforce with Hive’s powerful platform that ensures every voice within your diverse and dispersed workers are heard. 

Gain a deeper understanding of your people, across your teams. Leverage insights to create a targeted action plan that truly makes a difference to your workers – fostering a culture of equity and empowerment.

Empower leaders to drive organisational change through actionable people metrics

Get equipped with Hive’s robust reporting tools and People Scientists to establish board-level accountability for employee experience. 

With a wealth of feedback at your fingertips in the Hive dashboard and comprehensive analysis from our skilled team, you can use this insight to incorporate employee experience metrics into your decision-making process. This empowers your leadership teams with data-driven insights to prioritise employee satisfaction, and foster a fulfilling workplace culture. 

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At Hive, we’re 100% committed to confidentiality

Hive recognises the importance of protecting the identity of your people because it allows for honest, open and constructive feedback. The kind of feedback that allows organisations to make positive changes. 

That’s why we’ve created our own confidentiality commitment. So your people can feel comfortable and confident in using their voice, feeling heard, and helping your organisation achieve its goals. 

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Create positive workplace cultures with a proactive approach to employee listening

To thrive in the professional services sector, you need a stable workforce, a values-led culture and an environment that your people love.

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