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Create a workplace that retains your top talent for long-term success

In the professional services industry, leveraging the voice of your employees can give you a competitive edge in retaining and attracting talent, whilst providing a 5-star service to your clients. 

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1000’s of professional service employees have a voice with Hive

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Happy teams, happy clients

Your people work in a fast-paced, high workload environment, where success is often measured by the results delivered. As a leader it’s important to remember that taking care of ourselves and teams is just as important as meeting client expectations. 

Professional service organisations are turning to Hive to improve work-life balance, and boost the overall employee experience by gathering feedback and insights from their people – making sure everyone feels supported and fulfilled at work. After all, happy people work wonders.

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Organisations with thriving cultures grew revenue 516% more over 11 years.
(Corporate Culture and Performance)

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77% research company culture before joining, 56% prioritise culture over salary.

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Companies that build a “recognition-rich culture” saw 31% lower voluntary employee turnover rates.
(Josh Bersin)

“On the survey question that says “I am excited about where the organisation is going.” Last year the score was 53%, this year it was 81%, so we know our people are more engaged. One of the reasons is that Hive gives us so many new ways to touch base with our people on a regular basis”

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David Blackburn, Chief People Officer

Give your people a permanent voice

Hive gives employees the opportunity to use their voice to create a fulfilling career, driving a better employee experience and delivering balance.

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Create a wellbeing strategy that resonates with your people

Understanding how your employees are feeling is key to crafting an effective strategy that improves their work experience. 

With our identity-protected always-on listening tool, you can gather invaluable feedback into what impacts your team’s health and wellbeing. Armed with honest insights, you can take targeted actions to address real challenges and foster a supportive workplace. 

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Take a people-first approach to employee experience

Every voice matters, which is why Hive offers multiple channels of feedback to employers to share their thoughts and ideas in a way that suits them best. With Hive’s four flagship channels, you can gather insights from more people, driving a more positive employee experience that truly puts your team’s needs at the heart. 

With the Hive partnership, we can create a happier, healthier and thriving workplace for everyone.

Foster a culture of recognition 

In the professional services sector, your employees can put a larger focus on personal success and career development – and that’s great. But when teams can empower and inspire one another, this can enhance the overall organisational success, boost morale, create a sense of belonging and allows individuals to feel valued. 

Through Hive’s peer to peer recognition tool, you can encourage a culture of positivity and productivity where employees feel appreciated, and motivated to succeed.

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Engage your leaders with deeper insights

When your leaders are invested in your employee voice initiatives and are committed to driving positive change, you’re more likely to succeed in creating the ideal workplace you aspire to achieve. 

With Hive, you can create tailored surveys and gain access to our People Scientists who can uncover the hidden stories in your data, and evaluate metrics related to employee engagement and experience. Having these insights at their fingertips, can engage your leaders to actively seek feedback for meaningful change. Managers of specific teams can get access to survey results for their team so at a smaller level they can ensure their team is happy.

“The Hive platform is easy to use, really intuitive, you can pick it up when you’re out of the office, you can access it on your desktop. The dashboard that is provided for managers is something I’ve never seen anywhere else before; you’ve got the information you need there, real-time, upfront and you can action it straight away”

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Andy Preacher,
Head of People & Culture

Revamp your employee experience with a proactive approach to employee listening

To thrive in the professional services sector, you need a stable workforce, a values-led culture and an environment that your people love.

✅ Innovative employee voice tools
✅ Continuous listening
✅ Flexible surveying
✅ Expert People Science support
✅ Cultural insight
✅ Two-way communication
✅ Data-driven decisions

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