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Flexible, targeted and actionable employee feedback

Build, send and analyse surveys in one user-friendly, intuitive and supported tool.

Your people know your organisation better than anyone. So why would you not make use of that?

With Hive’s flexible employee survey platform you can ask what you want, when you want—with baseline, pulse, themed and targeted surveys—and collect meaningful insights to drive a great employee experience and even better organisational performance.

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✅  Designed with accessibility in mind
✅  Multiple access points for employees
✅  Built-in sentiment analysis
✅  Seamlessly link data from your HRIS
✅  Customisable heatmaps for easy-to-compare results
✅  Unlimited surveying
✅  Easily export quick-reports
✅  Send SMS and email reminders to encourage participation
✅  A whole new layer of insight with results segmentation

“We achieved our best-ever employee engagement results in eight years with Hive—including an

11% annual increase in employee engagement

and an employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) average of 30.”


David Blackburn, Chief People Officer,
Financial Services Compensation Scheme

React to the unexpected with fast, targeted surveying

Quickly and easily build and send your own surveys to get ahead of whatever’s changing in your organisation, your industry or the wider working world. Write your own survey questions, or choose from Hive’s extensive question bank designed by our team of Occupational Psychologists.

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Benchmark your response rates, eNPS and engagement index scores

Hive’s benchmarking feature gives you an array of ways to track how you’re doing. Whether you’re looking at your industry, Hive’s entire customer base or simply an internal survey comparison, you can always add context to your results and easily identify areas to focus on.

“The flexibility of Hive is essential to what we want to achieve. We’re able to adapt and change as we need to and we can influence what questions we ask and how we approach our surveys. Not forgetting other feedback tools, like Open Door and Hive Fives, which just make the platform everything you need under one roof.

Hive just works for Calico in a way that no other platform could—it helps us to reach our extremely diverse teams and it appeals to everyone.”

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Carmel Roberts,
Learning and Development Manager,
The Calico Group

The Calico Group Customer Story

Turn powerful employee insights into data-driven decision-making

Hive Surveying makes it simple to analyse employee voice and spot areas that require immediate attention—meaning you’re always armed with the insights you need to implement change that actually makes a difference to your organisation and people.

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Build psychological safety with confidentiality

We’re 100% committed to confidentiality. When your people know that their identity is protected, they know they can open up about even the more sensitive topics—like wellbeing or inclusion—building the psychological safety they need to speak up.

Powered by
People Science

Our expert team of People Scientists are on hand to help you build an employee voice strategy tailored to you.
With its roots in occupational psychology, People Science helps you gather, analyse and action data to improve employees’ working lives and achieve organisational goals. Hive People Science can help you:

✅️  Craft your surveys with our 130+ psych-backed question bank
✅  Define a surveying strategy to help you achieve your unique goals
✅ ️️ Build bespoke surveys that get to the heart of the most important issues
✅  Tell powerful stories with your people data and drive meaningful action
✅  Engage your leaders, managers and employees in your new strategy

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More efficiency and less admin with HRIS integrations

Keep your user data accurate—without you having to lift a finger.

Once integrated, any changes you make in your HRIS will be automatically replicated in our platform. So you can rest assured that everyone will receive the right invitations to have their say—allowing you to fully embrace continuous listening and Hive’s real-time feedback channels.

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Filter results by employee-identified characteristics

Your people are so much more than their HR files.

Hive allows you to filter your results by employee-identified characteristics on a survey-by-survey basis. That way, you can take a truly inclusive and agile approach to diversity in your organisation—while also uncovering a whole new layer of insight.

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“Working with Hive has given us an excellent opportunity to change our approach to employee engagement and put people at the heart of our organisation. It has been exciting to see the response and how well our people have engaged with the platform.”

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Joscelin Lawson,

Director of People and Development, Northumbria Police

See Hive in action!

We’ll listen to your needs and give you a personalised overview of our employee engagement surveying and feedback platform and also cover how our People Science partnership could work for your organisation.

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