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How FISCAL Technologies Improved its HR Strategy and Engagement

FISCAL Technologies (“FISCAL”) wanted a more tailored approach to surveying, which aligned with its company and employee values whilst providing actionable insights to drive meaningful change.

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FISCAL Technologies 20% rise in response rates
FISCAL Technologies 28pt rise in eNPS
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The overview

To gather employee feedback, FISCAL used Hive Surveying and People Science. Since conducting their first survey in 2019, they have seen great success in improving response rates, insight, and engagement. Some may say that the work amplifying employees’ voices is award-worthy… and FISCAL’s People and Culture team have not looked back.  

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What brought them to Hive?

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The People and Culture team at FISCAL had previously used other survey providers and found that once the survey had been completed they were often left with no real insight or action to take.

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Enter Hive… They switched to Hive for a more customised approach to surveying which aligned with its values and culture.

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With an introduction to our People Scientists, FISCAL felt confident that they would gain valuable insights into what matters most to its people.

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"People Science were absolutely amazing! Everyone has been terrific to work with at Hive.”

Sian Davies – HR Manager – FISCAL Technologies

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Not just the technology, the insights

Working with People Science, FISCAL’s People and Culture team created tailored surveys focusing on 3 areas that were important to them as a company: Caring, Learning and Results. This would allow them to align their values as a company with those of their employees.  Our Peoples Science team then delved deeper into the survey feedback to uncover the story behind the data. This was used to form FISCAL’s HR strategy for the following year, making changes that would improve their employees’ working experience.

“Hive helped us understand the survey results and what to do with them. We’ve previously worked with providers who allowed us to survey, and that was it but with Hive, we gained valuable insights into our employee engagement levels, response rates and eNPS.”

Sian Davies – HR Manager- FISCAL Technologies.

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Turning insight into action

Using Hive Surveying and our People Science team, their People and Culture team improved FISCAL’s learning and development strategy, offered greater career progression opportunities, launched a graduate program, and enhanced the employee benefits package. All in response to the feedback they received from survey participants. 

FISCAL Technologies 28pt rise in eNPS

Rise in eNPs

FISCAL Technologies 20% rise in response rates

Increase in response rate

These changes have been well received by employees, and survey response rates have jumped from 70% to 92%, with their eNPS score now sat at 28. When we compare this to our benchmarking results. This puts FISCAL above the average eNPS Score, showcasing their commitment to providing a positive employee experience.

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Because of these results, FISCAL now carries out these surveys every year, and uses the insights as a foundation for reviewing and implementing changes for the following year’s HR strategy.

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Hive certified

For their efforts towards amplifying its employees’ voice, and initiatives to make their workplace even better, Hive has awarded FISCAL Technologies with our Hive Employee Voice Certified badge – signifying the care, support, and desire it is demonstrating to make every day at work the best it can be for its people, and striving to become an employer of choice.

“We’re very pleased with the service provided by Hive. We were looking for recognition for all the work we’re putting into our company to attract and retain our talent, and Hive has helped with giving that recognition.”

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Sian Davies – HR Manager
FISCAL Technologies.

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"We're excited to see what the future holds for FISCAL Technologies. With their attitude to making every day at work even better, the possibilities are endless."

Sammy Mackay-Guyll – Hive HR

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Who are FISCAL Technologies?

FISCAL Technologies Limited is a world-leading software company that provides solutions and services for procure-to-pay risk management and spend optimisation.

Incorporating unique technology to reduce risk in the supply chain, FISCAL’s award-winning, cloud-based risk management platform is used on a continuous, preventative basis to protect spend, defend against fraud, increase profitability, and drive process improvement. 

Since 2003, FISCAL’s solutions have processed over 1 billion transactions with a value of over £7 trillion in spend and are now relied upon around the globe by a wide range of leading private and public sector organisations.

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