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Little messages, big smiles

Boost morale, protect wellbeing and enhance culture in one go with peer-to-peer recognition.

Building a culture of recognition usually takes a lot of time and effort. Hive Fives make it easy.
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“The commitment to using Hive Fives and the feedback we receive is amazing. There’s something really different with Hive Fives.

People weren’t as engaged in our previous recognition schemes but now, Hive Fives created an amazing energy for our people and we couldn’t believe the number of people getting involved, connecting our hundreds of people all over the country.”

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Ben Hallet,
Communications Manager,
Hanover Scotland

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Meaningful and consistent peer recognition, everyday

Hive Fives helps your people show appreciation by highlighting the everyday wins and efforts of their coworkers—making them feel more valued, which in turn breeds productivity and engagement. A wholesome way to inspire great performance at work.

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A beautifully simple way of creating happy and empowered teams

Hive Fives is one of the easiest—and most cost-effective—ways to boost employee engagement and improve employee experience. Hive Fives gives your people the ability to share the love with their colleagues to say thank you for their help, to praise an idea or to just let them know they’re awesome.


The Handy Guide to Hive

Everything you need to know about Hive’s employee voice platform and strategic HR partnership.

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Values-driven recognition for everyone to see

Truly embed your organisational values by customising your Hive Fives categories. Aligning your recognition categories with your values means your people recognise the behaviours you want to see—visible through a public Hive Fives stream to inspire your teams.

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Simple reporting to inspire your
recognition strategy

In your dashboard, admins and managers can easily see insights on who is receiving Hive Fives—some Hive customers use this data to inspire and inform other reward and recognition programs, like employee of the month.

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“The way people have used Hive Fives (Hive’s Peer Recognition feature) has really made me smile. We are a caring bunch at Community Integrated Care, so I expected people would embrace the chance to give those little electronic well dones, but never like this! At the end of week one of the survey we had 550 Hives Fives!”

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Danielle Chan,

Head of Communications and Engagement, Community Integrated Care

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