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Afiniti Consultants partnered with Hive to enhance engagement, reflecting their people at the heart approach. Through customisable features and a data-driven strategy, they addressed challenges and drove organisational improvements.

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The overview

Afiniti aimed to boost employee engagement and foster a culture valuing every voice. As a specialist in the people agenda of change, Afiniti truly believe in putting people at the heart, their own team included. By harnessing the power of colleague voice, Afiniti customised their platform to drive engagement. They embraced a data-driven approach to understand colleague sentiments, address challenges, and drive meaningful improvements across the organisation.

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What brought Afiniti to Hive?

 Afiniti recognised the need for a more efficient and comprehensive solution to gather colleague feedback and drive engagement initiatives. Manual surveys were no longer sufficient to capture the depth of colleague sentiments or provide actionable insights in their annual engagement survey.

Enter Hive. Beyond its survey capabilities, Hive offered a full suite of features—from recognition tools to ongoing listening channels—that mirrored Afiniti’s commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment.

Choosing Hive was more than just a decision—it was a partnership rooted in shared values and a vision for a thriving workplace.

“I met with Claire, Hive’s Customer Success Manager, where the alignment in values became unmistakably clear. It wasn’t just about features; it was about understanding and collaboration.”

Sarah Corsar – Talent Lead at Afiniti

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Surveys, coupled with expert advice, propel progress

With Hive in place, Afiniti successfully transitioned to a more data-driven approach to engagement, harnessing the insights gleaned from surveys to inform strategic decisions and drive positive change.

Afiniti works with Hive’s People Science team to gain a deeper understanding of the results from their Surveys and gain expert analysis of them.

“Having the ability to speak to a People Scientist about our results and how to move things forward with their recommendations was one of the big attractions to Hive.”

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Sarah and the team address survey results to guide their engagement strategies. Once they’ve got their hands on the survey findings, Sarah teams up with the Afiniti leaders and cross-functional engagement working group to shape goals and plans that resonate across the entire organisation. 

Some of the changes inspired by their survey results:

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“I work closely with Afiniti’s founding partner who has overall responsibility for our people; using the survey results and having the ability to have them all worked out with recommendations is great. It’s very powerful and allows us to be really focused on what our engagement plan is going to look like and to involve the wider organisation.”

Sarah Corsar – Talent Lead

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Customisation to boost engagement

Hive is fully customisable which meant that Afiniti could align features with internal values and terminology. So through Hive’s always-on listening feature, renamed ‘Viewpoints’,” Afiniti established a direct channel for colleagues to share their concerns, leading to improved communication and a stronger sense of connection within the organisation.

When COVID-19 hit, Sarah and the team wanted a way that colleagues could voice any concerns or issues they had, and they turned to Hive to help with a more targeted approach for issues relating directly to this – Sarah requested a “COVID BUTTON” within Viewpoints.

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“That was quite a big moment for us  because lots of people started to send in viewpoints as there were naturally lots of worries, and having that channel to respond to people was very powerful. We started addressing comments in our all-hands – listening to people and having the always listening feature was incredibly helpful.”

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Recognising their ‘Value Heroes’

Afiniti is big on recognition. They give out quarterly awards internally recognised as ‘Value Heroes’ to their people that align with their values: People at the heart, put the client first and act with integrity, and they wanted to integrate Hive into this process.

“Using Hive has made life a lot easier when it comes to reviewing our award nominations. Through the Hive Fives features, we can easily see who’s been nominated for each award. We always get over a 100 nominations per quarter. So people are recognising each other via the platform, and people look forward to getting the email through so they can actually recognise people.”

100 internal award nomations every quarter through hive fives
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“People really like Hive!”

“The response to the platform has been overwhelmingly positive. Colleagues appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback and feel heard, whether it’s a small pat on the back, or addressing an important issue. Transparency is key – we openly address everything in front of the company at our bi-weekly all hands calls.

Our response rates are consistently hitting 90%, showing that our team clearly sees value in the surveys. I know people really like Hive.”

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Award after award

Afiniti recently received an award of excellence from the Institute of Internal Communications for their outstanding engagement response during COVID, with Hive playing a pivotal role in their initiatives.

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And the awards don’t stop there. They have recently been awarded with Hive’s Employee Voice Certified Badge for the work they do to improve the colleague experience and make Afiniti a great place to work. Afiniti’s commitment to keeping ‘people at the heart’ shines through in their remarkable achievements, which Sarah and the team take immense pride in. Their dedication to fostering a people-centric culture not only enhances their workplace but also contributes to talent attraction and retention initiatives.

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Who are Afiniti?

Afiniti is a leading global business change consultancy. They promote equal focus on people, process, systems and data to bring change to life, starting with their change readiness self-assessment.

Their creative approach to inspiring and engaging people ensures commitment and adoption of new ways of thinking and working. They are passionate that change is a force for good to drive progress and innovation, ultimately realising sought business benefits.

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