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Get the insight, coaching and confidence to drive meaningful organisational change with People Science.

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Experts that are passionate about people

Our cutting-edge technology is designed to amplify your employees’ voices, making it easy and intuitive to use. But what sets us apart is that we understand the importance of personal expertise. That’s why you’ll always have real people by your side.

Rooted in occupational psychology,  People Science focuses on gathering and analysing data to enhance employees’ work lives and achieve organisational goals. We turn information into actionable insights, making your workplace even better. 

Pillars of people science

To create a thriving culture, we follow four key stages in our People Science approach. You can choose modules that best suit your organisation, with expert recommendations from our People Scientists. Let’s build a better workplace together!

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Setting you up for success from the get-go, our People Scientists will work with you to create a clear strategy to achieve your employee voice goals with buy-in from all levels.

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A goal without a strategy is just a wish. Drive engagement in a meaningful way with direction, structure, and a plan of action for how to achieve this with our Employee Voice Strategy – turning your wish into reality.

Experience a workshop that sets the foundation for a successful employee voice initiative and empower your team to drive meaningful change with our employee workshop – fostering open and honest communication from the get-go.

Employee engagement shouldn’t just be a HR responsibility, it should be owned and advocated by leaders to drive real change. This leads to successful, sustainable and impactful results.

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Through crafting tailored surveys, we’ll uncover what matters most to your organisation and people, driving meaningful change following strategy sessions.

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Create surveys that deliver results for your organisation with the help of expert People Scientists.

Collect meaningful data to make smarter decisions that have you driving towards your employee experience goals with People Science Crafted Surveys.

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Uncover the true story beneath the surface of your organisation – Our People Scientists will dissect your data so you can focus on the right things at the right time.

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Simple, straight forward insight at your fingertips with our headline snapshot report.

Get more than just numbers – uncover the story hidden in your survey data with Hive’s Essential Insights Report.

Delve deeper into your survey data and uncover your story with expert commentary and actionable insights from a People Scientist.

Drive better business outcomes through providing your managers with visibility of engagement drivers, and create accountability to improve employee engagement.

Gain a more comprehensive understanding of your business through personalised insight.

Dig deeper into your team’s thoughts and feelings with our Additional Demographic Data & Thematic Analysis. Discover insights you may have gone unnoticed before.

Unlock the full potential of your organisation by transforming your employee experience and engaging your leaders through a compelling narrative of people-focused data, to drive your success.

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Uncover the true story beneath the surface of your organisation – Our People Scientists will dissect your data so you can focus on the right things at the right time.

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Support your managers to continue the conversation with their teams, and confidently share ownership of turning insights into action.

Facilitating the internal rollout of the actioning change workshop for your project team to support managers to drive continued change.

Plan for the unplanned with flexible, additional support from People Science.

“Hive is a partnership. The team behind the tool are incredible. People Science in particular really help bring the data to life and they seek to understand the organisation and work with us to make change.”

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Emily, Allen – People Director
Anthony Nolan.  

Our People Scientists can help you with:

  • Assessing cultural readiness
  • Designing your employee engagement strategy
  • Creating a bespoke measurement framework
  • Running management workshops
  • Improving employee perception
  • Building intention with team members
  • Managing senior leadership buy-in
  • Building line-manager ownership and responsibility
  • Providing deeper data analysis