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In an industry where it’s easy for people to find new roles, employee voice is the foundation of any organisational culture designed to attract and retain a diverse workforce

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1000’s of construction and engineering employees have a voice with Hive

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Develop an employee experience that people love, on-site and in-office

Employee turnover is often a problem in construction and engineering organisations. The revolving door of people can really slow projects down and dilute the original vision.

But with Hive, you can stay in tune with your employees—to make sure you head off any potential issues that might drive them away, and instead give them more reasons to stick around.

“The main thing I was looking for in a partner was a business that resonated with us and would enable us to do something really meaningful, and Hive was a great fit. We went out to market because we wanted to give people the right platform to be able to speak up about the things that they might find difficult to raise in person. It’s important to have a bit of both; we want people to have a sense of psychological safety to consistently feed in what they’re thinking.”

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Rachel White,
Head of HR

Give your people a permanent voice

Hive gives construction and engineering professionals the opportunity to speak up, be heard, and influence employee experience...

From leaders to labourers, get everyone on board with a fresh approach to employee engagement

When you ask people to speak up and voice their opinions, some of them view it as an extra job to do. But when they can see the outcome and how it benefits them, it becomes an opportunity.

Hive’s platform and People Science partnership supports you every step along the way—from getting leadership buy-in right through to taking action—to help you make sure everyone sees the value.

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Focus on inclusion to build a diverse culture

Diversity is healthy. You get more perspectives and employees can learn more from each other. But in an industry that isn’t renowned for diversity, the first step is being inclusive.

Hive gives your people identity-protected channels to be open and honest about their working experiences. And with smart segmentation tools, you can deep-dive into that feedback to identify any inequalities that you need to address to make sure nobody is left behind.

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Cultivate a culture for everyone—regardless of their background

To encourage a more diverse workforce, you need to create a culture that even those who don’t fit into the stereotypical construction and engineering box will feel like they belong to. 

With tools like Hive Fives that can be aligned to your values, you can encourage your people to give each other the recognition they deserve for all their hard work. Appreciation like that makes us all feel welcome.

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Hear every voice, no matter where they’re based

When employees are site-based, it can be hard to reach them—and even harder to get them to fill out a survey.

But with Hive, all they need is a smart phone or a shared device on-site. You can send them emails and texts reminding them to have their say, and then they can either follow the link or use our employee homepage to log in and take part in every survey.

Discover how construction & engineering organisations are transforming culture and employee experience

“Hive has given us the perfect platform to be able to hear those harder to reach people. Our people come from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations, so it’s important to get in front of as many colleagues as possible so that people can be heard in a way that works for them—and Hive gives us the ultimate flexibility to do that.”

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Carmel Roberts,
Learning and Development Manager,
The Calico Group

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Employee voice is the foundation of a culture that’s built to last

Stand out from the crowd

When competition for talent is so high, you need to offer people something special if you want to attract and retain employees. That’s where Hive comes in.

✅ End-to-end People Science support
✅ Identity-protected feedback
✅ Culture-building tools
✅ Peer-to-peer recognition
✅ Real-time feedback
✅ Always-on listening
✅ Easily accessible platform

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