Confidentiality Commitment

At Hive, we’re 100% committed to confidentiality

So much so that we’ve created our Confidentiality Commitment to help demonstrate how important employee confidentiality is to us and how we’re able to make confidentiality possible.

Your employer recognises the importance of protecting your identity, and by choosing to use Hive, they’ve taken a brave step towards giving you a permanent voice.

Through Hive, you and your employer have an opportunity to spark ongoing dialogue for positive change to help the organisation succeed in achieving its goals. But to get the most out of Hive, you have to be open and honest.

So… be honest. And be constructive. Say what you think and know that whatever you say, your identity is protected.


Here’s how Hive protects your identity:

  • Your employer only receives your feedback, never your identity

  • Your feedback is combined with your co-workers’ into demographic groups, like department or location. Hive makes this possible by cross-referencing your feedback with your user profile.

  • We then make it impossible for your employer to view feedback in groups of less than 3 (although we strongly recommend a minimum of six), even if filters are combined. But don’t worry, your feedback will still contribute to larger groupings.


If enabled, leaders in your organisation can respond to your feedback. But your identity will still be protected, because you are given a randomly generated alias for each conversation you are involved in.

Hive Fives

To help build better relationships between co-workers, we have made this the only part of Hive that doesn’t completely hide your identity. Your name will be seen by the co-workers you have sent a Hive-Five to, but not your employer.


If you have any questions regarding our Confidentiality Commitment, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to