Confidentiality Commitment

At Hive, we’re 100% committed to confidentiality

So much so that we’ve created our Confidentiality Commitment to help demonstrate how important employee confidentiality is to us and how we’re able to make confidentiality possible.

Your employer recognises the importance of confidentiality and by choosing to use Hive, your employer has taken a brave step towards giving employees in your organisation a permanent, honest voice.

Through Hive, you and your employer have an opportunity to spark ongoing dialogue for positive change to help the organisation succeed in achieving its goals. You and your employer will get the most out of Hive if you’re honest and constructive.

So… be honest. Be constructive. Say what you think and know that whatever you say is confidential.
Here’s how we make our Confidentiality Commitment possible:
  • All question scores, question comments and feedback is 100% confidential. No-one within your organisation can ever see the source of a response, comment or feedback.
  • No-one in your organisation can ever see who has and who hasn’t responded to a survey.
  • In order to safeguard the confidentiality of smaller teams; we’ve made it impossible to group employees together in teams smaller than three people (although we strongly recommend a minimum of six).
  • Managers & administrators can respond to your comments and feedback using our Hive Messenger. To be clear, managers and administrators do not know who left the comments or feedback. Only Hive knows.
Questions and Suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Confidentiality Commitment, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to

Confidentiality and Hive-Fives

Hive-Fives are a great way of letting one or more of your colleagues know when they’re doing a really great job. We also recognise that there could always be the risk that a minority would use Hive-Fives as a bullying tool.

To prevent this from happening, Hive-Fives are NOT confidential.