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Join us on our mission to give every voice the power to change the working world

Join us on our mission to give every voice the power to change the working world

“Hive has a powerful mission and an inspiring team! We’re super-supportive of each other, both professionally and personally. I love that we can all challenge and motivate each other to create the change we want to see at work.”
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Jen Southern
Head of People Science
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Culture and values

Our people are the most important part of the business, and they embody our five core values:


Purpose is our passion​

Everything we do is driven by our purpose: every voice has the power to change the working world.​


Even better​

We’re not perfect, but we’re always striving to reach higher, achieve more and push further.​

TrustedToGetitDone 05

Trusted to get **it done​

Our customers trust us to provide a certain level of service, and we trust each other to fulfil our own individual responsibilities.​



No matter who we’re dealing with we’re always respectful and considerate; good manners cost nothing.​


Life is short​

The time we have is precious, so we cherish it and live every moment—both inside and outside of work.​

“I have full control over my job at Hive—no managers eagerly looking over my shoulder, so long as deadlines are met. I also love the flexible work policy; there’s a huge emphasis on work-life balance which I believe creates a healthy workforce.”
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Ellys Moyle
Customer Operations Manager

Recognition on the regular

A huge part of our culture is driven by how we use the Hive platform internally. And when it comes to team spirit, nothing beats our peer-to-peer recognition tool, Hive Fives


You're juggling loads at the moment, always with a smile on your face and a supportive and calm attitude. I absolutely love working with you and can't wait to see how delighted some of the new customers will be with their report packs. Keep nailing it - you're doing so much amazing work 🌟


Always looking at ways to improve things for customers and jumping in / helping out without a second thought - you da best 🙌 thanks for watering my plans and delighting customers while I was away too 🌱


You're doing so well atm, handling everything like a boss (apart from coffee machine explosions). Hopefully lots of your hard work pays off! Also your positive attitude is infectious af💃


Really appreciate the effort that went into researching how we can be as open and diverse as possible in our upcoming recruitment. Loads of great ideas to think about, and I'm looking forward to hearing more when we talk about the next steps of the hiring process.


I know you had a challenging few customer calls recently, and I know you handled them like an absolute champ - you're always so poised, warm, and kind. Honestly, such an inspiration in a personal and professional sense. Keep being the awesome role model and CS queen you are. 👑👑👑


Class to see the hard work over the last few months starting to pay off for you & the contracts flying in. Motivating to see it all happening👊🏼

“It's exciting. We're nimble—we make our own decisions. We sometimes make our own rules. There's autonomy but even so; everyone knows what they're doing, what the common purpose is. We celebrate success together. We support each other when things are tough.”
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John Ryder
Founder & CEO
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We built our benefits package around our people—by surveying to find out what was most important to them. So this is what we offer:


Up to 32 days’ paid leave + bank holidays


£150-a-month WFH allowance


£25-a-month wellbeing allowance


Personal development budget


5% matched pension contributions


2 paid volunteering days per year


13 weeks' fully paid maternity & adoption leave


3 weeks' fully paid paternity leave

Compassionate leave

Compassionate leave

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere


Flexible working hours

Medical cover

Medical cover


Salary sacrifice bike scheme

Tech salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice tech scheme


Salary sacrifice car scheme


Subscription to Headspace

“Hive is a company that truly lives and breathes its own values—trusting and listening to its employees. We have the freedom to explore things that are interesting to us and useful to the company in an inspiring and fun workplace, whilst working with an exciting tech stack to implement new technologies. All of this (and much more) makes it an incredible place to work.”
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Holly Johnson
Software Test Engineer
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Current opportunities

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