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Community Integrated Care wanted to enhance customer and colleague experience with employee feedback.

5,000 - 10,000 Employees
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The overview

When choosing to work with Hive, their objectives were:

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Measure employee engagement; driving leadership priorities.

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Recognise colleagues and become a recognised great place to work.

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Give colleagues the tools, skills and opportunity to succeed.

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Explore diversity and inclusion; create a community where everyone can be themselves.

To achieve this, they worked with Hive People Science, to create tailored surveys in line with their Employee Value Proposition. 

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What brought them to Hive?

Community Integrated Care chose to work with Hive because they recognised the importance of establishing a strong company culture. Their leaders understood that without a positive culture, the overall strategy would not succeed. Hive specialises in creating thriving cultures in organisations.

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“It’s been a brilliant experience getting our first survey live—a genuinely collaborative and iterative process throughout to get the questions right and everybody happy with them.”

Danielle Chan – Head of Communications
Community Integrated Care

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How Hive supported 
Community Integrated Care

By leveraging Hive’s features and functionalities, Community Integrated Care was able to create a more engaged and connected workforce, improve communication, streamline performance management, foster employee recognition, and gain actionable insights for continuous improvement.

Employee engagement surveys

Hive’s platform enabled Community Integrated Care to conduct regular pulse surveys to gather feedback and measure employee engagement levels. This helped them assess the overall satisfaction and wellbeing of their workforce and identify areas for improvement.

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Recognition and rewards

Hive Fives recognition feature enabled employees at Community Integrated Care to give and receive recognition for their contributions. This social recognition system helped foster a positive and supportive work culture, boosting employee morale and motivation.

“The way people have used Hive Fives has really made me smile. We are a caring bunch at Community Integrated Care, so I expected people would embrace the chance to give those little electronic well-dones, but never like this! At the end of week one of the surveys we had 550 Hives Fives!”

Data into insight

Hive’s reporting and analytics provided Community Integrated Care with valuable insights into employee engagement and sentiment. They could analyse survey results and trends, helping them make data-driven decisions to enhance employee satisfaction and organisational performance.

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“Rather than getting a huge load of data to sift through and forward on, I absolutely love that we can drill down and go granular into different subsets, demographics, topics, and so on. When I presented the reporting features to our CEO, he said,“Wow, this is going to be a real game-changer!”

Danielle Chan – Head of Communications
Community Integrated Care

icon the results

The results

By implementing Hive’s Employee Voice platform, Community Integrated Care was able to:

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Streamline their recruitment process

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Track candidate progress, and reduce the time it took to hire new staff

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Help new hires to feel more supported and informed

icon improve

Improve retention rates

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Who are Community
Integrated Care?

Community Integrated Care is a national social care charity, providing a wide range of care and support to over 3,500 people across the UK.The not-for-profit employs over 6,000 colleagues—with roles ranging from frontline care and support workers to catering and business support—and is completely committed to the Power of Three: their Colleagues, Customers and Communities.


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