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Empowering voice through data-driven insights, trust, and efficiency

Find out how the Royal Academy of Engineering modernised their approach to employee engagement by focusing on data-driven decision-making and fostering a culture of trust and transparency.

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The overview

Since implementing Hive’s employee voice platform, the Royal Academy of Engineering has witnessed substantial progress. The platform’s continuous refinement and user-friendly interface have streamlined the process of creating and sending surveys – providing efficiency for their HR professionals and ease of use for their employees. 

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What brought them to Hive?

The Royal Academy of Engineering searched for a solution to modernise their employee voice approach. They needed a user-friendly platform with strong analytical capabilities, as their previous manual surveys didn’t produce meaningful insights.

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Fostering trust and confidentiality

Play Video about Hive's Confidentiality Commitment

One of the most significant achievements for the Royal Academy of Engineering has been the establishment of trust and confidentiality thanks to Hive’s confidentiality commitment. With an impressive 86% response rate, employees feel secure in providing candid feedback through Hive. This level of trust has been instrumental in the success of their employee voice initiatives.

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Efficiency gains and data-driven 
decision making

Hive has revolutionised the way the HR team operates. Previously, a team of six manually analysed the data, so the survey process would be time consuming. 

With Hive, this process has been streamlined, allowing for more efficient data gathering, analysis and benchmarking of their engagement levels.

The platform’s ability to transform data into insights has enabled the Royal Academy of Engineering to develop targeted workshops and initiatives, resulting in:

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“With Hive, creating surveys is easy, and employees find the platform incredibly user-friendly. Its interactive nature streamlines the entire process, making it straightforward and efficient.”

Sharon Noble – Director of People
Royal Academy of Engineering

2023 stats

With an eNPS of 34, and survey response rates at 86% in 2023, these results show that Royal Academy of Engineering are taking action to create a thriving organisation.

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Open Door: catalyst for positive change

Royal Academy of Engineering introduced Hive’s Open Door feature, enabling 24/7 confidential feedback, after success in building trust through survey results.

Over 230 pieces of feedback were given in just under a year. The commitment to personally respond to each submission demonstrates the Royal Academy of Engineering’s dedication to employee feedback. Tangible changes in office space and hybrid work policies have been directly informed by this feedback, underscoring the impact Hive has had on their workplace.

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“It’s been truly gratifying to see the Royal Academy of Engineering grow as an organisation and develop an even more engaged culture”

Sammy Mackay-Guyll –
Customer Success Manager Hive HR

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Scaling with success

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As the Royal Academy of Engineering has expanded, Hive has seamlessly adapted to their evolving needs. The platform’s evolution, aligned with their growth, highlights our dynamic partnership aimed at helping Royal Academy of Engineering achieve their employee engagement goals. Hive’s commitment to understanding their unique context as a charitable institution has also been pivotal in shaping their collaborative success.

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“The team’s flexibility and charity-friendly approach made discussions around cost-efficiency really easy. Sammy’s support has been great to work with”

 Sharon Noble – Director of People
Royal Academy of Engineering

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Who are the Royal Academy of Engineering

The Royal Academy of Engineering is a purpose-led charity responsible for providing progressive leadership for and delivering public benefit from engineering and technology. From access to clean water and electricity, to technologies and transport that help us keep in touch with other people, engineers have made a difference to almost every aspect of our lives. They are vital to addressing many of society’s greatest challenges.

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