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How Hive Can Help With Your Sustainability Initiatives

How Hive Can Help With Your Sustainability Initiatives

In today’s business landscape, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a strategic imperative. In fact, according to edie, 1 in 5 workers reject jobs with poor sustainability credentials. Companies across the globe are recognising the importance of sustainability not only for ethical reasons but also for business growth.

So why is Hive, an employee voice platform, talking sustainability? 

Well, as the topic becomes increasingly vital, harnessing the collective wisdom of your employees can be a game-changer. That’s where Hive’s Employee Voice Platform comes in. Through a combination of employee feedback, surveys, always-on listening, an employee recognition tool, and the expertise of people scientists, Hive can help to empower organisations to drive sustainability initiatives. 

In this blog, we’ll explore how Hive’s platform can help companies understand their employee stances on sustainability and use their insight to drive initiatives.

Can organisations use Hive to measure employee perceptions of sustainability?

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Absolutely! Hive’s Employee Voice Platform is designed to capture and analyse employee perceptions on various topics, including sustainability. 

By utilising our People Science Crafted Questions, we can tailor surveys to gather meaningful insights on the topic within your organisation.  

For instance, if your organisation is keen to understand employee perspectives on commuting activity, we can create bespoke questions to dig deeper. Whether it’s assessing your employees’ views on environmental policies, green initiatives, or their understanding of your company’s day-to-day processes, Hive can help. We even offer the option for follow-up discussions with our People Science experts to refine your approach.

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Can organisations use Hive to crowdsource feedback for improvements to sustainability and to shape strategies?

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Certainly! Hive provides a versatile platform for crowdsourcing feedback related to sustainability. 

Whether you want to run structured surveys with the option for free text questions to gather further insight, or allow employees to share their thoughts anytime through Open Door, we’ve got you covered. 

You can create a dedicated ‘sustainability’ category within Open Door for this purpose. This flexibility ensures that even non-desk-based employees, like those that work out in the field, can easily participate at a time that suits them. By tapping into the collective intelligence of your workforce, you can gather ideas, suggestions, and feedback on how to enhance your green initiatives.

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Can organisations measure progress on the topic?

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With Hive’s surveys, tracking progress on sustainability is seamless. You can incorporate sustainability-related questions into your surveys and monitor key metrics over time. 

Let’s say you want to assess whether your organisation is perceived as prioritising sustainability or taking steps to reduce its environmental impact, you can repeatedly ask these questions.

This allows you to track changes in employee sentiment and perceptions, making it easier to gauge the effectiveness of your sustainability initiatives, so you can determine your next steps. When you start to implement changes and initiatives around sustainability, you’ll want to know if the steps you’re taking to make change are having a positive impact. 

Empower your people to contribute to sustainability

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Understanding employee perceptions and creating strategies for sustainability is not just a trend; it’s quickly becoming a fundamental requirement for businesses in today’s world. 

Hive’s Employee Voice Platform empowers you to harness the voice of your employees to drive sustainability initiatives. From measuring employee perceptions to crowdsourcing feedback and tracking progress, Hive’s comprehensive approach ensures that your sustainability strategies are rooted in data and insights from the very people who can help to drive them.

By using Hive, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Your employees become not just advocates for your sustainability efforts but also active participants in shaping the strategies that will define your organisation’s future. Sustainability isn’t just a corporate responsibility; it’s an opportunity for growth and innovation, and Hive is here to help you seize that opportunity.

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