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Delivering excellent customer experiences with an employee-centric strategy

A people strategy built on a culture of listening and learning that recognises the vital role of their employees in providing excellent homes and customer experiences.

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The overview

Broadacres, a leading social housing association, prioritises exceptional customer experiences through creating a culture and people strategy that allow employees to thrive. Their people strategy, rooted in listening and learning, places employees at the core. Partnering with Hive, they’ve achieved remarkable progress. Response rates have surged by 27%, and employee Net Promoter Scores have risen by 11 points. This commitment to employee voice not only strengthens their culture but also underscores the value they place on every voice.

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What brought them to Hive?

Broadacres’ HR leadership aimed to select a user-friendly employee voice platform accessible to all colleagues, including remote and on-site staff. Ensuring everyone had the opportunity to provide workplace feedback was important to them.

They partnered with Hive at the outset of their 2018/19 People Strategy, using it to enhance colleague engagement to gather meaningful insights into their organisation.

Complimenting in-person with digital channels:

Broadacres uses Hive for pulse surveys and shares and discusses results through their colleague matters group (staff forum).

This approach enhances the “you said – we did” dynamic, and reinforces transparency and responsiveness. So employees can see that action is being taken as a result of their feedback.

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Smooth user-adoption:

Though some employees had limited tech experience, Hive’s user-friendly interface mitigated this barrier by being “super easy to use”.

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“We have a very diverse workforce with many colleagues who are out and about supporting our customers. So the platform needs to be easy to use wherever a colleague is working.”

Rosanna James – Head of People & Organisational Development
Broadacres Housing Association

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More than just thinking about how easy the platform is to use, Broadacres were also really invested in keeping things secure and private when giving feedback. But with Hive’s confidentiality commitment, this was easily solved – “helping demonstrate how important employee confidentiality is to us and how we’re able to make confidentiality possible.”

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Establishing employee voice
and becoming a listening organisation:

Although initially unaccustomed to voicing their opinions, their people gained confidence and trust in sharing feedback through consistent use of the platform.

Hive has helped develop the employee voice, understanding their employees priorities and concerns, playing a significant role in achieving several key objectives for Broadacres:

Colleagues are familiar with Hive and encounter very few issues when using it. This has contributed to a seamless feedback process.

Hive’s flexibility in setting up surveys, allows Broadacres to conduct them as needed.

Reviewing and analysing the data collected through Hive is straightforward, providing them valuable insights.

Hive has actively supported Broadacres in its transition towards becoming a more attentive and responsive organisation. This is reflected in substantial increases in both response rates and employee Net Promoter Scores.

Broadacres now boasts an employee Net Promoter Score that surpasses benchmarks set by organisations of similar size and within the same industry. “Another great thing Hive does – producing fab benchmarking metrics we can use to measure our performance against!”

The “you said we did” approach, a direct outcome of feedback received through Hive surveys and the Open Door feedback channel, has led to the implementation of various initiatives. These range from significant changes like a 4-day week with compressed hours pilot, to smaller yet meaningful improvements such as providing free sanitary products in all colleague facilities, and streamlining office signage and room booking processes. Additionally, alterations in customer interaction and reception procedures have been made to enhance both colleague and customer experiences.

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Since adopting Hive, Broadacres
has witnessed significant progress

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“By sharing their views, they are helping us develop an even better workplace,
allowing us all to deliver excellent customer experience for our customers.”

Rosanna James – Head of People & Organisational Development
Broadacres Housing Association

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The perfect platform provider

Broadacres sought a platform provider with expertise in people science, enabling discussions about survey results, and that’s just what they got. 

They value the prompt support for resolving issues or making survey adjustments.

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“Implementing Hive has helped develop engagement for colleague voices from our senior team and Board. This helps me champion employee voice from the top of the organisation, which strengthens the message to our colleagues that their voice matters.”

Rosanna James – Head of People & Organisational Development
Broadacres Housing Association

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Who is Broadacres

Broadacres is a not-for-profit social housing association located in North Yorkshire, managing over 6,000 homes and providing various services to their customers. With approximately 400 employees in diverse roles, from front-line workers to enabling functions, Broadacres aims to be the leading rural housing association in the country.

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