Insights-driven leadership puts RWK Goodman at the forefront of positive organisational change

At RWK Goodman, the pursuit of employee engagement wasn’t just about numbers; it was about using insights to cultivate a culture where every voice mattered.

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The overview

RWK Goodman switched to Hive in 2021 for better employee engagement insights. Their goals were clear: measure engagement quantitatively and qualitatively. With Hive, they achieved impressive response rates and a high eNPS.

Using Hive’s insights, they’ve made impactful changes that matter to their people. Employees appreciate Hive’s user-friendly platform and confidentiality. Gathering data and getting useful insights happens more efficiently, and RWK Goodman remains committed to using Hive for ongoing engagement improvements.

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What brought RWK Goodman to Hive?

Before their journey with Hive began in 2021, Bianca and her team found themselves stuck wading through a lack of insight from their previous engagement surveys. Other providers lacked the depth needed to extract actionable insights. Questions weren’t targeted enough, leaving them with a canvas of responses that lacked the clarity they needed.

Recognising the need for a change, RWK Goodman embarked on a quest to find a new solution, one that could offer not just metrics but also meaningful qualitative feedback. After a meticulous tender process, Hive emerged as the clear frontrunner. The platform’s sleek design and user-friendly interface impressed RWK Goodman’s team, and Bianca felt that Hive’s culture aligned with their values.

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Success from the start

Right from the off, the onboarding process with Hive was seamless and efficient for RWK Goodman.

“The onboarding process with Hive was straightforward, easy, and there was a great level of data protections in place. Luke in support has been fantastic to work with, and Sammy, our Customer Success Manager, is always very responsive and easy to work with.”

Bianca Rodriguez – Senior Colleague Communications and Engagement Manager

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“Slick and easy” to use platform

The RWK Goodman HR team finds Hive to be exceptionally user-friendly, both for the HR team and employees.

“The platform’s really slick and easy to use which makes it easy for employees to participate in surveys – even for those who are time-pressed or less technically inclined. That ticks a lot of boxes for us.”

Bianca Rodriguez – Senior Colleague Communications and Engagement Manager

From an administration perspective, Bianca and her team find Hive easy to manage, extracting significant value from the insightful reports generated within the platform.

And from an employee perspective, Hive’s confidentiality commitment encourages candid feedback, which means Bianca and her team can take action on the things that matter most to their people. 


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Increasing engagement with a People Science collaboration

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RWK Goodman has seen remarkable improvements in engagement metrics since adopting Hive. With high survey response rates of 75%, and an impressive eNPS of +33.

Using features like heatmaps, and free-text analysis alongside scaled questions, RWK Goodman identifies areas for improvement, whilst also shedding light on their organisational strengths. Hive People Science experts have also played a role in streamlining survey data analysis, ensuring reliable insights and facilitating prompt action through local action planning. 

“The People Science team are fantastic with regular updates and support including executive presentations. Their responsiveness has been great. And they help with closing the feedback loop.”

Bianca Rodriguez – Senior Colleague
Communications and Engagement Manager
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Making the changes that matter most to their people

Insights gleaned from Hive have supported RWK Goodman to shape business strategy and decision making. From refining benefit packages to embracing hybrid work models, their partnership with Hive has provided valuable insights to inform positive organisational change. Just look at some of the changes they’ve made to support their thriving workplace by incorporating employee feedback into the business decision making process:

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A platform made with people in mind

Feedback from employees regarding Hive has been overwhelmingly positive. The platform’s ease of use and confidentiality around giving feedback have resonated well with the workforce. Now well established within RWK Goodman, the company looks forward to seeing the evolution of Hive as a key feedback mechanism in their engagement strategy.

“Senior Leaders appreciate the real-time insights they can get from Hive, and off the back of this, there are training opportunities for skill enhancement too.”

Bianca Rodriguez – Senior Colleague Communications and Engagement Manager

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Who is RWK Goodman?

Established in 1873, RWK Goodman is a reputable legal firm known for its personalised service and commitment to client success. With over 570 colleagues and 36 specialist areas across 3 core divisions, they offer expertise in commercial and private law sectors. RWK Goodman provides tailored legal solutions for various industries, including Retail & Hospitality, Banking & Finance, and Technology & Media. Additionally, they address private legal matters such as wills, probate, family law, taxation, and personal injury cases. Their goal is to support clients every step of the way, ensuring the best possible outcome in every situation.

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