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How Travelodge Used Employee Voice to Reduce Employee Turnover

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“Thanks to Hive’s expertise and guidance, we were able to understand why certain populations were more likely to leave and how we could encourage them to stay—as a result we saw a significant drop in turnover.”

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Sophie White

People Project Manager

The Challenge

It’s 2019 and Travelodge has seen a consistent increase in engagement scores for 5 years. But, puzzlingly, attrition has also risen.

This is now a bigger concern as Brexit looms, since the majority of team members in their 8 flagship hotels are non-British.

So they need to know:
1. What’s driving turnover?
2. How do we stop it?

The Research

That’s where Hive comes in. Our People Scientists help Travelodge’s People team switch from annual surveying to more frequent pulse surveying with a refreshed question set that targets employee turnover.

And by looking at responses from employees who left in the 3 months after the first survey, we learn that:



of those who left didn’t participate in the survey
Those classed as eNPS Detractors were 3x more likely to leave than Passives/Promoters

Manager relationships and career development opportunities are key to building advocacy

Progression opportunities are a priority for part-time workers who aren’t eligible for the Aspire development programme

The Solution

Following recommendations from our People Scientists, the team at Travelodge apply those learnings to create a four-pronged action plan:

  1. Identify drops in survey response rates and eNPS to predict the risk of employee turnover…and take preventative action
  2. Define new management structures, roles and responsibilities
  3. Provide a better quality and quantity of training to upskill people managers
  4. Change the eligibility criteria for the Aspire programme, communicated by a comprehensive campaign

The Outcome

Over the next year, there’s a huge jump in advocacy for working at Travelodge’s flagship hotels…


…and they record an organisational-best YoY decrease in employee turnover


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