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A global crisis, complex mergers, management restructures, project curveballs—work-life is rife with organisational change, great and small. But the difference between organisations who navigate change smoothly and those who lead blindly is employee feedback.

Employee feedback is key to change management

Take informed

Using employee voice to inform action-planning ensures that front-line feedback on operational processes, managerial relationships and team structures is accounted for.

Drive effective

By continuously gathering employee feedback across workforce demographics, you can predict and measure the acceptance of change by population—setting realistic goals based on organisational readiness and capability.

Measure organisational impact

Gathering employee feedback before, during and after change allows you to measure how certain factors have impacted employee engagement, morale and turnover; guiding your next steps and highlighting priorities.

Improve employee advocacy

Involvement is the key to people readily adapting to change. Addressing employee concerns proactively can turn disengagement into engagement, and accepting ideas shows management value collective input.

Harnessing employee feedback with Hive

The tech to activate employee voice

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Ask the right people the right questions at the right time. Whether it’s targeted pulse surveys to get focused responses or org-wide engagement surveys to measure the impact before and after change—you can act on feedback in weeks, not months.

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Hive’s always listening tool keeps your digital door wide open to employee concerns, ideas and comments. Your people will feel heard while you get a steady stream of real-time feedback to address and inform your change management approach.

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Peer recognition is an easy way to boost employee engagement and keep team morale high during times of change. Coworkers can congratulate each other for a job well done and go public with their Hive Five message, promoting a culture of recognition.

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With Messenger, you can strike up a deeper conversation with employees off the back of their feedback—helping you get to the crux of issues, answer questions at speed and ask for the finer details on suggestions. 

The insights to make smarter decisions

✅ Analyse results in real-time and retrospectively
✅ Use data to design, test and improve change action-plans
✅ Spot organisational-wide trends and focus areas
✅ Dive deeper into employee populations and demographics
✅ Create feedback loops with high-level and low-level reports

The coaching to embed tech and change

✅ Master and maximise your employee feedback platform
✅ Design a tailored approach to gathering employee feedback
✅ Understand your organisation’s readiness and capability to change
✅ Secure buy-in from senior stakeholders and employees
✅ Align managers on change messaging and feedback response

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