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Partnering for Success: How Caroline Gitsham Consulting Boosts Employee Voice with Hive

Caroline from CGC discusses how partnering with Hive can improve your relationship with clients and provide you with generous commission.

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The overview

Caroline Gitsham Consulting (CGC) partnered with Hive because Caroline values an engaged workforce, something she learned to appreciate while working in executive roles focused on Vision & Culture. This partnership fits CGC’s flexible approach, offering varied work and top-notch staff feedback tools. The collaboration boosts CGC’s reputation with an intuitive platform that enhances employee experiences and service delivery. 

The partnership process is smooth and efficient, with regular updates and joint demos. Clients appreciate Hive’s quality, simplicity, and extensive support options, positively impacting their organisational practices.

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Why CGC chose to become a referral partner with Hive

In her previous role, Caroline was responsible for Vision & Culture at an executive level and deeply appreciated the value of an engaged workforce, especially in terms of customer service. 

She was introduced to Hive by a former colleague who insisted she check it out, saying she would love it – and they were right.

When asked how Hive benefits CGC, Caroline explains:

“Being associated with a fantastic product like Hive has been great for my business. It significantly enhances the employee experience, and we all know that engaged staff deliver better services, creating a win-win situation for everyone.”

We love to hear that partners and organisations alike are seeing great benefits from Hive’s Employee Voice Platform.

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Clients “absolutely love Hive”

The RWK Goodman HR team finds Hive to be exceptionally user-friendly, both for the HR team and employees.

Caroline’s business operates on the principle of ‘the flexible executive’ – she takes on various tasks to lighten her clients’ loads. This approach allows her to encounter many different methods that organisations use to gather staff insights and feedback.

“Hive stands out as the best I’ve seen so far, and my clients who have adopted it absolutely love it.”

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Identifying an opportunity for a referral to Hive

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As CSG is a referral partner of Hive, we asked Caroline how she spots an opportunity where Hive is a great fit for an organisation she works with:

“My approach is quite casual and there’s no ‘hard sell.’ Typically, someone will mention they’re struggling with an inflexible and cumbersome system, and they want something more agile and responsive. That’s when I suggest Hive.”

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“I love working with Hive”

Diving into the process and relationship of how CSG works with Hive, Caroline says:

“I love working with Hive. The culture and the people are amazing, as you’d expect. I have a monthly catch-up with Donna (Head of Sales at Hive), where I update her on my activities and get the latest Hive news. If a potential client is interested in a demo, we usually conduct the initial demo together, and then I let Donna handle the practicalities. It's a very smooth process.”

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Hive’s quality is an appeal to clients

CGC recognises that without a doubt, clients appreciate the quality of the product, and that the expertise Hive has developed over the years is impressive, with a deep understanding of what works and what constitutes good practice.

“The range of Hive’s offer means you can be left to get on with the platform, or you can have as much support as you need. The simplicity of the platform means it’s user-friendly, and the management information that is readily available are all appealing to clients.”

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Who is Caroline Gitsham?

Caroline Gitsham, founder of Caroline L Gitsham Consulting Ltd., is a seasoned consultant based in the North East. With over 30 years of experience in the Public Sector, including 15 years at an Executive Level, Caroline is deeply passionate about enhancing customer service and driving positive societal impact. Caroline’s consultancy aims to inspire organisations and individuals alike to elevate their contributions to customers, communities, and society at large.

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