14 Survey Questions to Reduce Employee Turnover

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Employee retention is quite rightly a priority for every organisation. Mainly (we hope) that’s because most organisations want to look after their people and provide an employee experience that they love.

But if that isn’t enough motivation on its own, then it’s also much easier and more cost-effective to keep hold of talent than to go out and recruit someone equally skilled. In fact, it costs around 33% of an employee’s salary to replace them—and then you also have to factor in the risk of your new hire not living up to expectations.

But the good news is that if you make sure you’re giving your people enough reasons to stick around, they will. So how do you figure out what will make them stay? Simple: just ask them…

How Travelodge partnered with Hive to improve employee retention

Travelodge reduced their employee turnover by 5.5% by carrying out their annual survey to understand what was driving their turnover.

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“Thanks to Hive’s expertise and guidance, we were able to understand why certain populations were more likely to leave and how we could encourage them to stay—as a result we saw a significant drop in drop in employee turnover.”

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Sophie White,
People Project Manager

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