18 Key Survey Questions to Identify Employee Training and Development Needs

Discover what your team needs to excel in their careers and what skills require development so they can shine in their roles.
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Ready to retain your top talent with training and development opportunities to help them progress in their career?

64% of employees would leave a job where they aren’t developing*

*Source: Forbes

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This guide gives HR leaders 18 essential survey questions to pinpoint what training and development your employees need. It’s all about helping you create a motivated and skilled team. 

When you focus on your employees’ growth and career goals, everyone wins with better job satisfaction, higher performance, and improved retention. Training and development aren’t just nice to have—they’re crucial for keeping your workforce engaged and your organisation thriving.

By the end of this question bank you’ll have:

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“The platform’s really slick and easy to use which makes it easy for employees to participate in surveys – even for those who are time-pressed or less technically inclined.”

Bianca Rodriguez – Senior Colleague Communications and Engagement Manager at RWK Goodman

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