Baseline Engagement Surveys: The What, Why and How

On today’s episode of Hive in Session, our resident host Ben Lind talks to Team Hive’s very own Head of People Science, Jen Southern! Pulse surveys have taken centre stage (which is fantastic!) but our baseline engagement surveys have taken a back seat. So, Jen dives into the importance of going ‘back to basics’ and running a baseline survey—including plenty of top tips and actionable advice to set your employee surveys up for success.

Baseline engagement surveys are still key to understanding the drivers and blockers of engagement in your organisation that help you create a truly amazing employee experience! So, are you still keeping tabs on engagement with a baseline measure?

Of course, our People Scientists are experts in all things engagement surveys—simply book a chat with us to find out more or check out the rest of our insightful content in our resources area.

Thanks for watching today’s Hive in Session, we’ll see you in the next one. 👋

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7 Survey Questions Proven to Track Employee Engagement

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7 Survey Questions Proven to Track Employee Engagement
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