The Secret to Becoming the UK’s 4th Most Inclusive Employer

We’re thrilled to be joined by David Blackburn, Chief People Officer at Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), on today’s episode of Hive in Session. David is listed as one of the top 100 HR Directors in the World in the HRD Global 100 2021 and is a Chartered Companion of CIPD—and thanks to his incredible leadership, FSCS have recently been awarded the UK’s 4th most inclusive employer. Now let’s find out how they did that…

Having a diverse workforce doesn’t mean your organisation is inclusive, and having an inclusive culture doesn’t mean your workforce is diverse; those are the details we need to deep dive into before kickstarting new strategies!

And the easiest way to understand that is to listen. Truly listening to what your employees have to say helps you uncover the things that will really make a difference. A well-thought-out D&I survey can create a safe space for people to provide the actionable feedback needed to measure employee experience across all demographics—giving you the insights you need to create a truly inclusive workplace.

Download your ready-made D&I survey below! 👇

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10 Key Questions for Your Next Diversity and Inclusion Survey

We’ve gathered ten ready-to-use survey questions based on the five key drivers of an inclusive workplace—download yours now!

10 Key Questions for Your Next Diversity and Inclusion Survey Sales Version
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