The Power of Employee Voice in Times of Adversity
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When the outside world faces adversity, so does the world of work. And each wave of adversity needs to be managed differently from the one before. But there’s one thing that’s always key to success: employee voice. So, Jack put two of our People Science team under the spotlight to talk about the importance of employee voice during adversity.

Tracey Elvin and Ericka Hammond speak about how a well-thought-out employee voice strategy gives organisations the insights and knowledge they need to see adversity through smoothly—and how that impacts everything from employee experience to customer experience to organisational performance. Watch now for their practical insights rooted in occupational psychology…

Top takeaways

How can employee voice be the difference between managing adversity poorly and managing it well?

  • It’s your employees that know the day-to-day challenges of your organisation the best; unlocking employee voice is key to understanding and overcoming these challenges.
  • Employee voice is an investment in employee wellbeing.
  • No matter the channel—a secure platform, 1:2:1s, check-ins—it’s important to listen to and understand your employees, now more than ever.
Iceberg of ignorance

What impact can engaged employees have on an organisation during times of adversity?

  • Engaged employees drive innovation—and innovation has proven to be key to strong organisational performance during challenging economic situations.
  • In customer-facing roles, engaged employees are brand ambassadors and provide customers with a sense of security.
  • Engaged employees go the extra mile at a time when your organisation needs it most.

How can organisations encourage psychological safety to help build resilient teams?

Make sure everybody feels safe and secure to speak up. Psychological safety across your organisation isn’t just “on” or “off”; there are four stages we need to consider and work towards:

  1. Inclusion Safety—members feel safe belonging to the team. They are comfortable being present, do not feel excluded, and feel like they are wanted and appreciated.
  2. Learner Safety—members are able to learn by asking questions. Team members here may be able to experiment, make (and admit) small mistakes, and are comfortable asking for help.
  3. Contributor Safety—members feel safe to contribute their own ideas, without fear of embarrassment or ridicule. This is a more challenging state, because volunteering your own ideas can increase the psychosocial vulnerability of team members.
  4. Challenger Safety—members can question others’ ideas or suggest changes to ideas, plans, or ways of working—including those in authority.

How can organisations use Hive to navigate adversity?

  • Flexible employee surveys—whether baseline, pulse or targeted—to gather actionable employee feedback.
  • Embed a culture of recognition using Hive Fives—personalised to your organisation to drive values-based behaviours.
  • Always-on listening with Hive Open Door, so your people can speak up about their ideas, questions and concerns outside of your surveys.
  • Close the feedback loop with Hive Messenger by responding to employee feedback, always protecting their identity to empower psychological safety.
  • Hive People Science can help you understand the things having the highest impact on employees—and ultimately your organisation’s performance.

Why should customers spend money on an employee voice platform when budgets are getting tighter?

  • An employee voice platform serves your entire workforce—even the hardest-to-reach employees.
  • It’s your always-on feedback channel, helping you to catch more feedback and insight from your employees.
  • Organisations who listen to their people are 12x more likely to retain their employees—and it’s no secret that it’s cheaper to retain than hire.
  • The data and insight an employee voice platform can give will be vital for organisational performance as economic challenges escalate.

What extra advice and support can Hive provide?

Team Hive are here to help with our employee voice platform and People Science partnership. We provide the tools you need to gather powerful insights from even the hardest-to-reach employees; then, our occupational psychologists provide the expertise to help you truly understand the data and create action plans that have a positive impact on your organisation and people.

Book a chat with our team to find out more.


The Power of Employee Voice

How an open and honest culture drives employee experience and organisational performance

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