Webinar: Get your team talking: The importance of leadership in promoting employee voice

Employee voice? It’s all about what your amazing employees share about themselves, their awesome colleagues, or how they feel about the organisation they call their work home.

However, leaders who not only listen to their team members but act upon the feedback they receive will see a whole host of business benefits. According to Josh Bersin, author of Elevating Equity, organisations are 12 times more likely to engage and retain employees and 8.5 times more likely to satisfy and retain customers when employee voice is properly embraced.

Sadly, it happens more often than we’d like – not-so-great leadership can sometimes put a damper on the voices of our valuable employees. They worry that their concerns won’t get the attention they deserve or, worse yet, that they might face frustration and consequences.

All of the above and more was discussed during our recent joint webinar with People Management Insight which focused on how to promote employee voice and reap the rewards. 


  • Patti Crayford, Lead People Scientist at Hive HR

  • Mahalia Mayne, People Management

  • Amanda Butterworth, Accommodation Director at YMCA Trinity Group

  • Amanda Jenkins, Head of Workforce at Velindre University NHS Trust

Chapters in this video:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 05:05 What does employee voice mean to you 
  • 11:23 Why is it so important that HR leaders have an employee voice strategy in place, what are the benefits?
  • 27:07 Psychological safety
  • 28:20 Hive Open Door told by YMCA  
  • 32:24 When building an employee voice strategy what are the most important things to get right? 
  • 34:47 How can HR leaders go about getting SLT buy-in told by YMCA Trinity
  • 40:40 What is the best way for HR to communicate with everyone? 
  • 45:28 Audience questions

Top takeaways

choosing the right employee voice platform

During the webinar the panel discussed the following areas:

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