The Hybrid Working Model for the Future (and Now!)

On today’s episode of Hive in Session, our resident host Ben Lind talks to Arlen Pettitt, Knowledge Development Manager at North East England Chamber of Commerce, about what the future of work looks like in a hybrid world! Ben and Arlen dive into the details of what hybrid working really means when we come out of crisis mode and think strategically and long term.

So, is the future of work hybrid for your organisation? How are you balancing the different needs of office versus on-site? Are you gathering employee feedback to make sure you understand the real needs and concerns of your people?

We’d love to know more about your hybrid working model! Why not book a call with one of our experts? Or, check the rest of our HR thought leadership in our resources area.

Thanks for watching today’s Hive in Session; catch you next time!


12 Questions for Your Return to the Workplace Survey

Shaping the Future of Work With Employee Feedback

12 Questions for Your Return to the Workplace Survey
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