The 10 Biggest Employee
Engagement Challenges Facing Enterprise Organisations

And how to overcome them
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“Only 1% of enterprise employees express extreme confidence that their feedback will lead to tangible results”

We’ve been digging deep into organisations with 2,000+ employees, chatting with HR leaders, and crunching survey data from 2022 to 2024. What did we find? Some real insights into the challenges HR faces in keeping teams engaged in big companies.

That insight has been turned into practical tips to help you navigate these hurdles and build a workplace where your people are engaged and thriving. Ready to jump in and make it happen?

You’ll leave this guide equipped with:

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How Travelodge improved their
organisational performance with Hive

Hive has partnered with Travelodge to use their people analytics to improve their eNPS by 28pt’s and reduce their employee turnover by 5.5%. That’s a huge win for an organisation this size.

“Thanks to Hive’s expertise and guidance, we were able to understand why certain populations were more likely to leave and how we could encourage them to stay—as a result we saw a significant drop in turnover.”

Sophie White – People Project Manager

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