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10 Employee Survey Questions on Wellbeing (With Survey Writing Hints and Tips)

It’s safe to say that in 2020, wellbeing has taken an even bigger spotlight in just about every organisation’s surveying calendar.

New health risks, job uncertainty, continuous change and social isolation have made understanding and responding to how people are feeling a top priority. And workforce demographics have broadened to include furloughed, front-line and remote employees—all with personal circumstances to consider, such as childcare and living arrangements.

Luckily, Hive is a safe space for people to voice their concerns, ask burning questions and share great ideas that could really help out their co-workers. 

And by gathering employee feedback, organisations can take action towards better supporting their wellbeing as they dive deep into common challenges, discover opportunities for “quick-wins”, identify gaps in manager training, and flag any feedback that needs immediate action.

But what should you ask?

With the help of our People Scientists, we’ve compiled a list of 10 sample questions—along with guidance on how best to use them, plus writing hints and tips.

These will help you measure the impact that huge change has had on wellbeing at your organisation, and can be sent as a pulse survey (pronto!) or built into other surveys.

Download 10 Employee Survey Questions on Wellbeing (With Survey Writing Hints and Tips)

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