Hive Suggestions: Connecting Employees and Leaders

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Hive Suggestions is a digital open-door policy. It allows employees to confidentially give feedback, raise concerns or put forward ideas at any time. By encouraging them to use it—and acting on what they have to say—organisations can build trust and stay in touch with their workforce, even in today’s more remote world.

As more and more of us settle into a remote working lifestyle, it’s never been so important to stay connected. 

Workforces are now more dispersed than ever, and employees within the same organisation can have VERY different working experiences. Don’t get me wrong—flexible working comes with huge benefits for both an organisation and its people. But it also throws up some new challenges, particularly around maintaining a sense of community and involvement—which directly impacts collaboration, quality of work, and employee happiness.

A disconnected workforce can be even more problematic in times of organisational change. When people feel like communication is a one-way street, any change can seem like something that happens to them, rather than something they’re involved in. 

That’s why it’s not enough to keep your people informed of what’s going on; you also need to give them a voice in the conversation. Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. And some of the best ideas come from those on the ground; after all, nobody knows what would improve employees’ lives better than the employees themselves. So listen to them and act on what they have to say.

Okay, but how?

It’s tricky, but never fear—Hive is here! Suggestions is one of the tools that comes included with a Hive subscription. It allows employees to give their feedback on… well, anything really. And they have the peace of mind to say whatever they want, whenever they want because it’s completely confidential and always on. 

Hive Suggestions
Included with Hive subscription
  • Customise your Suggestion box and categories
  • Filter your admin dashboard
  • Reply to feedback via Messenger
  • Assign statuses to feedback
  • Optional extra: Single point of access
Hive Suggestions Icon

Once submitted, that feedback appears in the dashboard that only the admins can see. They can then filter through them, respond via the Messenger, and assign statuses based on what action is being taken.

Suggestions can be customised, as well, so if there’s something going on in the organisation that you’re particularly interested in, you can tailor the categories of feedback to reflect that. Or, you can do what FSCS did and use Suggestions as a direct link to the CEO. Check out the clip below to see how they made the most of it 👇

But just owning a cross-trainer doesn’t get you fit; it’s up to you to use it. So once you have your beautifully bespoke, hand-crafted Suggestion box, you need to continually encourage your people to get stuck in!

And it’s just as important to act on feedback, concerns and ideas; if employees feel like no one’s listening to them when they speak, they’ll go quiet. So even if no action is required—use Messenger to let them know their voice isn’t falling on deaf ears.

By making full use of Suggestions, you can keep your ear to the ground and make sure your people feel involved, connected and heard.

If you already have a Hive subscription and want to know more about how Suggestions can help you stay connected to your people, contact your Customer Success representative or email

If you aren’t yet a customer but are curious, book a demo or email

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