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Upskilling Managers in Employee Voice Platforms Through Surveying and Reporting

Upskilling Managers in Employee Voice Platforms Through Surveying and Reporting

Employee engagement has become a crucial metric for organisational success. Companies are increasingly recognising the importance of upskilling their managers to be effective leaders who can navigate the complexities of employee engagement

One significant tool in achieving this is the use of employee voice platforms, which enable organisations to gather feedback through surveying and reporting tools to drive actionable insights. 

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of upskilling managers and highlight the advancements made in the survey reporting dashboard in our own employee voice platform, Hive, ultimately enhancing managers’ ability to make informed decisions for improved engagement.

The significance of surveying and reporting

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Let’s start with why we’re making improvements to our surveying and reporting.

Surveys serve as a powerful tool for organisations to tap into the collective insights and sentiments of their workforce. By seeking feedback on various aspects of the workplace experience, organisations can identify strengths, address challenges, and implement strategic initiatives to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

Equally, reporting tools go beyond data collection, revealing patterns and transforming raw data into actionable insights. In employee engagement, surveys and reporting serve as diagnostic and proactive tools, creating an environment where employees feel heard and aligned with goals. 

Now, let’s see how Hive offers organisations the ability to upskill managers through surveying and reporting and the changes we’ve made to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. 

Holistic overview with key information

As a line manager immersed in the day-to-day workings of your team, understanding their frustrations, thoughts, or concerns about the workplace is crucial. This fosters close connections, enabling a more supportive and responsive approach to management.

Through surveying, managers can get to the crux of what really matters to their team by asking questions on specific topics, and reviewing the data to see emerging trends. 

Now of course, managers tend to have tasks of their own on top of managing their people. So for them to be drowning in data and spending hours a day dissecting it for trends would be inefficient and time consuming. And by the time you’ve figured out trending issues, more may have emerged. 

So at Hive, we’ve streamlined this approach to give one holistic view of the key information managers need to know, so you can easily identify and highlight key insights from survey responses. 

surveying and reporting dashboard
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By consolidating key information into a single view, our enhanced reporting dashboard provides managers with a comprehensive overview of key employee metrics, insightful commentary and benchmarking.

This approach enables managers to quickly identify actionable insights and gain a deeper understanding of areas that require improvement at a glance. This refined process empowers managers to be proactive in addressing concerns and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Real-time data analysis

Hive empowers managers with both real-time and historical data, providing a comprehensive view for confident decision-making based on well-informed employee insights. With the capability to access real-time data, managers gain a clear understanding of the current state, enabling them to prioritise areas that require immediate attention.

This information equips them to make decisive decisions aimed at enhancing employee engagement.

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Moreover, our platform facilitates seamless comparisons of high and low scores across the organisation, whether on a survey or question basis. This functionality offers valuable insights into areas of excellence and identifies aspects that may require focused attention. By combining real-time data access and detailed comparative analysis, managers can proactively drive improvements and foster a culture of continuous enhancement within their organisation.


Example Scenario:

Imagine a line manager, Neil, using Hive Surveying to assess how his team feels about working from home. Whilst the survey is ongoing, he navigates to our reporting dashboard, instantly gaining insight into how his team are feeling in real-time. 

He notices an emerging trend that 60% of responses so far suggest people are feeling isolated.

With this clear understanding of his team’s current state, Neil can prioritise immediate action on how to help his team with the feeling of isolation. Armed with these insights, he confidently makes a decision to look to introduce:


  1. Regular check-ins
  2. Peer support systems
  3. Wellness programs
  4. Employee recognition tools
  5. Virtual team-building activities


Through real-time data, Neil can understand his team’s needs and take faster action to support them. By implementing a combination of these strategies, he can now create a supportive and connected remote work environment, mitigating feelings of isolation and promoting a sense of teamwork among his team members.

*Remember this is just an example and to make sure to exercise caution when interpreting feedback from low to moderate response rates. Consider the broader organisational context to make informed decisions, mindful of ongoing actions and priorities.


Our innovative features highlight internal benchmarks, empowering managers to make meaningful comparisons against previous surveys.

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This provides managers with a unique advantage, allowing them to delve into their organisation’s historical survey data, facilitating a nuanced understanding of evolving trends in employee engagement and performance

This historical perspective empowers managers to identify patterns, assess the impact of any interventions previously actioned, and make informed decisions tailored to the specific needs of their organisation. 

In essence, our internal benchmarking feature is a strategic tool that not only measures progress but also serves as a compass for targeted improvements, fostering a culture of continuous enhancement within the organisation.

Guided reporting dashboard with custom filtering

guided surveying and reporting dashboard
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In acknowledgment of the diverse skill set among managers, our enhanced reporting dashboard  adopts a guided layout that prioritises simplicity and ease of use, with clear communication through the use of simple language: NO JARGON!

The reporting dashboard is particularly beneficial for managers who may not be data experts. The custom filtering options embedded within the interface enable managers to tailor their data analysis based on specific criteria and key metrics, eliminating the need for extensive data comprehension.

Example scenario:

Imagine a manager using the platform to analyse survey results. With the custom filtering options, they can easily focus on particular aspects such as question type, department or answers based on location. This targeted approach streamlines the interpretation process, allowing managers to extract meaningful insights without delving into complex data analysis.

Our reporting tool facilitates a step-by-step navigation through the data, providing managers with a clear path to understanding without requiring advanced analytical skills. This accessibility ensures that managers, regardless of their proficiency in data analysis, can easily use the platform to identify areas that will have significant impact on engagement within their teams.

The ultimate goal is to empower managers with a user-friendly tool that facilitates effective decision-making without the barriers of technical complexity.

No more drowning in data

no more drowning in data

And there you have it! In our journey through the world of upskilling managers using employee voice platforms, we’ve unveiled the magic that happens when surveying and reporting join forces. We’re not just making improvements; we’re giving organisations a superpower – the ability to tap into the collective wisdom of their teams.

Imagine being that line manager, swamped with tasks but armed with a tool that cuts through the data chaos. That’s what we’re offering at Hive. A streamlined approach to surveying and reporting that lets managers breathe amidst the daily work demands, and still get the crucial insights needed for a thriving team.

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